Pig Bladders...

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Apr 27, 2017
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I talked to my buddy in Michigan, he will start saving big sow bladders for me from the pigs he butchers...400-1,000 lb. pigs! Those will be large enough for casing Culatello! Yeah! And fresh bladders stretch easier than old ones....

He has his original Magalista sow that is 7-8 years old now. With high pig feed prices, he's going to butcher that hog next week. She is over 1000 pounds. Fat cap is probably 7-8 inches thick...
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Never seen a 1000 lb pig. Can you get some pics?
Found this...

Did you know the biggest pig ever recorded was a Poland China pig?

It’s true! “Big Bill ” was a Poland China Hog from Tennessee that grew to be 2500 pounds! Bill still holds the world record for the largest pig in the world.

Discover the 10 Largest Pigs in the World
Belly off a Mangalista x Tamworth cross....about 4" thick...
Wow! I'm so jealous. The fat cap is to die for. At least for me. I tried to source something similar but not even close. But I haven't given up yet! Great friend to have. Congrats.
7 year old sow is almost a family pet.
Nope. He runs a business raising and selling hogs. This sow was his foundation stock. Sow stopped producing piglets 2 years ago so now that Covid has calmed down and he can catch his breath, he's gonna butcher this hog due to high feed prices.

... and I'm sure she has a name.
'Maggi'..... the Tamworth Boar was named 'Tami' - no attachment at all...it's all business.
The big Mangalista sow...

She went 392Kg....or 863#...plus about 20#. She bled out about 2.5 gallons he said so add 16-20# to that. Not 1000#, but still a HUGE hog! The belly was 9 1/2" thick. Was using a boning knife to split the belly and it was not long enough. had to switch to a 9" filet knife before he hit the stomach membrane....had to use 2 meat hooks-one on each side- to hold the belly open to make the cut.

Said the coppas are legit 10" in diameter... cut at the 5th rib. He's gonna dry them in his chamber.
The cheeks weigh 12#.....each! I dunno what each ham weighs, but bet it is over 100#.....
he says 400-450# of cuts off that hog. He hit me up for some cajun recipes.
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