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Piedmontese Beef


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In short, YES! We are currently running a 25% OFF promotion on the entire website (excluding items already on sale + gift cards) through the end of the year - and all orders over $99 ship for free.

Thanks for checking in, all! My name is Joe and I'm with Certified Piedmontese in Lincoln, NE. As Robert mentioned, he has been cranking out CPB stuff on the forum for what seems like a few years now and consistently hits home run after home run!

As for the beef itself, we have several different product lines; our core lineup of products is a grass fed (pasture raised), grain finished Piedmontese cross (typically with Angus cows) for birthing ease and consistency for finished beef product; our Dynasty line which is a full blood Piedmontese (also pasture raised, grass fed/grain finished) and lastly a solely grass fed, grass finished line of Piedmontese.

Certified Piedmontese cattle are raised on our family ranches throughout the Midwest, specifically in Nebraska. They are originally from the Piedmont region of Italy, and are known for having a consistently inactive myostatin gene which means that virtually all of their food energy is converted into muscle rather than fat. Usually this would not be a desirable outcome (see Belgian Blue cattle) - but due to the specific allele found present in the Piedmontese breed (c313y) - they have denser muscle fibers and less connective tissue, resulting in a USDA-Prime like tender finished product. We have run independent lab tests (WBSF test to measure the amount of force required to cut through a piece of meat; we actually found that we outperform Prime grade beef in tenderness)

Another factor that sets us apart is the fact that you're buying direct from the source - we are a source verified, all-natural beef program (third party audited to adhere to the natural standards) and we actually DNA test every single animal within our program to make sure they contain the gene specific to the Piedmontese breed (see above). We use low stress handling techniques to ensure only the highest quality of life for the animals that also shows through on the finished product on the plate, as a better quality of life for the animal will only present a more premium eating experience in the finished product.

I have gone back and forth with Robert for many years now (I've been with the company almost 7 years) and have been able to recommend some pretty amazing thing to Robert over the years, and (to my knowledge ) I have yet to steer him wrong.

We have added a few items that are sure to delight any BBQ enthusiast with their specifications:

Meaty Back ribs (think baby back pork ribs, but much meatier and also beefier - once you try these and master the prep/cook, you'll have a hard time going back to pork ribs)
Competition Brisket (whole packer brisket with squared ends for a 'prettier' presentation and more consistent weight specification)
Picanha (my favorite of the bunch - there is juuuuust enough of a fat cap that the fat will literally melt in your mouth with each bite - and seasoned only with coarse sea salt and smoke - YUM)
any roasts we sell online - you really can't go wrong and feel free to use Robert or myself as a resource as I'd love to talk shop with anybody interested in learning more about the breed, our company or just to talk smoking meats or cooking in general - as I tend to get around the kitchen alright myself.

Cheers, and I look forward to connecting with a lot of you here on the forum!
Awesome. Robert gifted me 2 racks of the extra meaty beef backs. Beef backs are my favorite and I'm very excited to try y'all's!


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Talk to tx smoker tx smoker - I think he’s one of the reps.
I don't think Robert is actually a paid rep I think he's just a very satisfied customer who highly recommends them. Of course as much as he buys and recommends them he should probably buy stock in the company lol.
After seeing all these threads with it I think I'm convinced I need to break down and order some cause it sure looks good.


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I just ordered a couple racks of plate ribs form a local butcher in Canada. I'll be bbqing them this weekend. I'm cautiously optimistic.

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