Perfect hard-boiled eggs - every time.

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Jun 28, 2022
After going nuts reading every easy-peel hard-boiled egg solution ever dreamed up by humankind, I came up with this, and it works every time I have tried it, no matter the source, pedigree, or age of the eggs.

I love hard boiled eggs.

Use a large pot (large because you do not want it to take long for the water to come back up to temperature after you add the eggs) of salted water (I just use a 3-finger pinch) that will generously cover the eggs by an inch at least. Heat the water until "right before the boil" and add your eggs with a spoon so they do not crack when they hit the bottom of the pot. Let the water come back to a boil and cook 9-minutes (cook time will vary depending on your altitude). Then remove the eggs to a bowl of water in the sink with cool tap water running over them for at least 15-minutes and then refrigerate.

You will know that you got things just right when you see small streams of bubbles rising up from your eggs right after you add them to the water. Some of the eggs might crack slightly but that is OK - they may not look perfect when finished but will still be cooked perfect and be easy to peel. Once you get your water temperature technique down, you will get very few cracked eggs.

This is an egg from a batch I cooked yesterday for some red potato salad. I always add a few extra to the pot to eat, and this one cracked, so I used it for this photo - about 10-minutes after placing in the bowl of running water in the sink - still warm and perfectly delicious! I peeled it extra careful to demonstrate how easy they are to peel when using this cooking method.


This is an egg that sat in the fridge for a few hours - peeled perfect.


And this is that same egg cut in half to show the perfectly cooked yolk (no green outside of yolk that is the result of overcooking).


A pinch of salt and down the hatch - delicious.

My theory is that placing the eggs in almost boiling water shocks that membrane between the shell and the egg making them peel clean and easy. Eggs added to full boiling water often crack badly and while they may not look perfect, they still peel easy and taste great.

Give the cook technique a try and let me know your results.
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Add a little vinegar or a few dill pickle slices to the water. This will help with the peeling afterwards.

Old restaurant trick.
Air fryer set @ 270F for 15 minutes. Drop into cold water for 10-15 minutes and peel after. Never had a problem with one egg peeling. Best invention ever made was the air fryer.
I do not have an air fryer and I've never used vinegar - never had a hard to peel egg since I started cooking them this way!
Well, it works!

5 egg test. Clean peels, even on one that cracked. Easy peasy! I've gotta go buy more eggs.

In the past I've steamed the eggs and cooled in ice water. PITB to peel. These were a dream to peel.

Thanks RS!


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Awesome - they look perfect! :emoji_thumbsup::emoji_thumbsup::emoji_thumbsup: Glad I could help!

Enjoy your eggs :emoji_sunglasses:
Hard boiled eggs has always been my go to lunch when I am fishing for Walleye. Ever since I was a kid (now 66) we would have hard boiled eggs in the boat for a snack. Baloney sandwiches and hard boiled eggs got us through the day till it was super time.
Sounds like a nice trick.
My concern is all the water wasted with the faucet running 10-15 minutes.
Wouldn't putting in ice water and stirring for 10 -15 minutes accomplish the same thing without wasting all the water ?
I bought an egg (vegetable)steamer. Im never going back. Peal perfect every time. Old,new, doesn't matter.

Its basically a metal rig with a bunch of "leaves" that open, put the eggs in put in a pot with water in the bottom. Steam for the same time as you boil.

I bought an egg (vegetable)steamer. Im never going back. Peal perfect every time. Old,new, doesn't matter.

Its basically a metal rig with a bunch of "leaves" that open, put the eggs in put in a pot with water in the bottom. Steam for the same time as you boil.

I use the same technique as Corey. Works great. . .Corey, how long do you steam your eggs?

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Here's how I do mine.

-Fill sauce pan/pot with eggs, add cold water 1-2" above the tip of the eggs.
-Add 3tbsp white vinegar or a few dill pickle slices to the water
-Bring water to a rolling boil
-Turn off heat and cover the pot
-Set timer for 12 minutes
-Run under cold water to stop the cooking process (you can also add ice and water to accomplish the same result)
-Deshell eggs and enjoy

Now if you wanna play a joke on someone (we used to do this in many restaurants I worked at). Replace hardboiled eggs for raw eggs for breakfast, and vice versa. Hard boiled eggs will spin when spun on the counter tip. Raw eggs will wobble, but won't spin. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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