Pickled Eggs

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Dec 25, 2010
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I'm the only one who likes pickled eggs.
So I made just a jar for me.

Steamed eggs.

Easy recipe, I took the cloves out of the pickle spice.

I'm going to bring out the hot water bath stuff and make 6 jars. I think I got enough eggs :emoji_astonished:
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When does your wife get back? You've been in overdrive for some time.
Rick, I am a sucker for pickled eggs and a cold beer. My wife on the other hand is never pleased with the resulting flatulence.
I avoid them too for the wife reaction.
If you want to supercharge it, add in unpasteurized beer and onion rings. Wife still has not forgiven me for that combo and it was over 30 years ago. I have to admit it was crowd clearing.
Fresh eggs, week old and peeled great.
Would have filled the qt jar but I ate 2 eggs. I take the cloves from the pickle spice mix because it makes the brine turn brown.


Yup more today but this time I hot water the jars for 15 mins.

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