Patio RF (100 lb propane tank)

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by parrish15, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. So I just purchased a 100 lb propane tank and will be building a patio RF 

    The tank comes out at about 27 gallon 15 in dia and approx 36in tall

    I am calling the length at 36 in (from center of dome to center of dome) I think that will be close enough 

    have not started building yet need to burn the remaining gas in the tank  

    this one is a great example of what i am going to build, and will build it as nice as this one great job jwsimpleville


    here is a pic of my last build, i love it but it is SOO big i just dont use it much and it now lives at a friends house 

    i would love to paint and finish this one just kinda lost interest in it, and my friend does not mind (he got a free smoker that i can use anytime). All jokes aside with all the leaks from not finishing the door seals the thing works great so i cant complain she just is not pretty the, new one will be

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    That patio rig is sweet man. How much did it cost to build?
  3. I did not build the patio rig I built the 500 gallon just used the picture as a reference

  4. So here is my basic design what do you guys think

    all thoughts are  welcome and thanks
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  5. good night
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    Nice build you'll have going and you got one lucky friend..................

  7. Looks like you have it all thought out. What are you planning on using as insulation?
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    parrish, morning.... You have plenty of room under the RF plate... Could be reduced for more room in the CC..... The exhaust stack is right on the numbers, however, in smaller builds, I recommend enlarging those numbers due the surface friction / volume ratio getting too close to not working... I don't know what the "expected" ratio is, but experience has shown it is best to leave some extra room so the flows are not impeded...

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  9. So dave here is my FB to CC opening idea.This also moves the rf down to 4 in off bottom of cc

    about 26.5 cu in opening

    and Change chimney to 3 in
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    When measuring, make sure you are using inside dimensions... the area in contact with the smoke.... Then you are good to go... The LAST thing you want to do is constrict the smoke flow....

    From looking at the picture, with the "drip lip" and your measure from the outside of the CC.... on pic to enlarge...
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  11. It's a small smoker so want to get all I can out of the cc.if you think I c as n get away with a 4 in high rf I can trim the lip down to 1/4 in
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    originally the RF plate was 6.5" high.... You seemed happy..... Now it's at 4" and you want more room....

    Parrish..... take no offense..... are you a woman ????..... :th_HaHa7_ani:

    Sorry, I just had to do that..... Seemed appropriate at the time.... time... heck it's 12:33 here.... Dave
  13. none taken Dave, sorry about that I get a little excited at the beginning of any build, and jump around a little before i make up my mind.

    It looks like my rf plate will be around 4 3/4 in off the bottom and a 26 1/2 sq in cc to fb opening  

    I also like the pie vent/ash removal  in the bottom of the firebox  that ribwizzard has done in the past any thoughts there

    Here is a quote from RW

    Stick a pie vent on the floor and attach an ash pan underneath the firebox, ( but hang it low so it gets plenty of air) then stick a nice row of vents slightly above the firegrate. For upper vent if you want one, all you need is a couple sq inches

    and as always thanks again 

  14. got the tank filled and flushed

    Then removed the ring from the bottom

    Then torched  the threaded top off

    and last night i built the bottom of my firebox

  15. On the topic of propane tank flush witch is always a hot topic around here I will describe my process

    1-  release any leftover gas

    2 - remove valve from tank (be careful there may be some pressure left so remove SLOWLY)

    3- I "purged the" tank with compressed air (this should be done with great caution because you are adding air to the tank and creating a gas to air mixture that is explosive)

    4-  I added about a quart of Super Clean degreaser and filled tank with water and allowed to overflow for a few minutes

    5- Drained the tank and refilled with water, and then an immediate drain of the water, after this step it still had a heavy smell of propane, but all of the gas is gone, the smell is ethyl mercaptan an oderant  added to the gas so you and I can smell it.

    ethyl mercaptan is very hard to get rid of

    6- then I began to cut the tank

    this entire process took me about an hour, from a tank with a little gas in it to torching the top off
  16. got the lid cut out and made some hinges

    Then cut out  for the firebox

    My door sprung a little so i stuck it in the old press to ''flatten'' it out

  17. Keep those pictures coming   gunna be a nice one !


  18. Well i screwed up a long weld on the rf plate if you look at the picture my RF plate is going to drain in the direction of the firebox

    i may just install the drain at that end or cut it out and fix it (thats a lot of work )

    do you guys see any problems with the drain at the firebox end
  19. Uh Oh      I never did a drain on that end, So I can't tell you if it would be problematic or not, Everybody I know including me put the drain on the other end, I know that's what you wanted. If your not in a big hurry cut it loose grind it down and fix it.  Not trying to tell anybody how to weld or fabricate, But Really take your time, Tack it first, look at it, look at it again before you weld it out.

    This is your call, If it were mine, I'd cut it loose.


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