Patio RF (100 lb propane tank)

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  1. Yeah probably going to cut and fix it. But i wonder with as even as the temps are with a RF, and the fact that I am adding the baffle plate under the RF at the firebox end to prevent a HOT SPOT, And it is a small unit

    I need to think on this a bit before I cut it
  2. The first Rf we built was trial and error (a little)  I wasn't aware of this great site so We just took what information I had by looking at as many smokers as I could. We thought about it, discussed it and tacked it up. We made several changes throughout the build.

    Best advice is Plan it out, Draw it out, study it, check and recheck your calculations and dimensions then tack it before you weld it out. That way you can see what it looks like and if you want or need to make changes a lot easier.

  3. So I got a lot of work done today on my firebox

    Started by marking the opening

    then drilled holes (used for blind welding the door seals)

    then cut out firebox door

    Then I worked on the vent systems

    first one of the bottom vents (the row along the bottom )

    Then added the door latch/handle

    then the top opening and slide 

    Next was the firebox to CC opening

    If you look at this picture you will notice a cross shaped opening in the bottom, this will be used as an additional vent/ash removal like Weber uses on there charcoal grills

  4. I welded the exhaust on today

    first i cut the pipe to fit the contour of the tank and used that as a template for the hole

    the cut pipe

    mark for hole ish (this will grinding for final fit)

    then welded the exhaust and tacked the firebox on

  5. Looking good

  6. I did cut out the rf plate and re weld it in the right place

    If anyone was wondering
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    Looks good to me.....    [​IMG].. now waiting for the smoke....
  8. sorry no smoke today BUT STAY TUNED
  9. Were on pins and needles 

  10. look at my poor smoker surrounded by birthday decor

    this is why the work stopped today my little girl turned 6 yesterday and we used my shop for a birthday party

  11. just ordered a mav 732, cant wait I want to take this to the next level
  12. Wheels and frame added today, still alot of work to to but getting closer everyday 

  13. Nice, looking good

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  15. So im thinking about CC door gasket material here are my thoughts

    i need some input

    1 - rtv with the seran wrap/wax paper trick

    2 - flat rope gasket glued with rtv or equivalent  

    3 - flat rope gasket riveted to the CC
  16. If your gap is small I would go with the RTV, you won't even be able to see it

  17. The ''dry fit'' of the CC door is very nice (heck I have a press I can change how it fits)  I am planing my hinge placement around the type of gasket i use

    and metal moves when heat is applied as we all know, so i want a gasket that will accommodate

    I really like the look of the nomex stick on gasket 1/8 in by 1/2 in wide but the rtv is also very appealing

    the only question left is durability of the product chosen 

    I am most likely over thinking this 
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    Nice job. Looks good
  19. did a test burn last night
    door gasket was not on yet
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  20. this was jus to season it and do a burn out

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