Pan Fried Mangrove Snapper with Lime, Italian Baked Tomatoes Over Angel Hair Pasta

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Apr 27, 2017
South Louisiana-Yes, it is HOT
Quick meal tonight for 1...

Had 4 small fillets left that needed to be cooked. I much rather fresh fish so perfect night to cook them.

First, get the tomatoes baking in the toaster oven..

Next up...
(4) mangrove snapper fillets (13-14" snapper)
2 fresh limes
sea salt and Cracked BP to taste

2 c. flour & 1/8 c. corn starch
2 TBSP. unsalted butter
1/8c. olive oil

Season the fish, then marinate in fresh lime juice for about 10 minutes until fillets turn white on the surface.
dredge in flour mixture, then pan fry in olive oil and butter over medium heat.

Start pasta when tomatoes are 8-10 minutes from being done...

Serve fish with slice of lime, tomatoes over pasta. Extra Parmesan optional.

The baked tomatoes are a quick way to make a marinara for pasta with minimal dirty dishes....all the flavors are there, just coarse cut the soft tomatoes on the plate.
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I'd take a plate of that any day! Like!
Thanks Steve. I keep it low key when I cook for myself most of the time. I go big when cooking for a crowd.

I’d hit that, and fast. Nice plate.
Thanks SE. This was a quick meal. 23 minutes start to plate. Tomatoes bake 20 minutes and they are done. Sooooo gooood with tomatoes from the garden!

Keith you post up some of the best looking meals on the forum. I'd tear that up
Aw shucks Jake, high compliment, thanks. We here in Louisiana love good's part of the culture.
Looks tasty as all get out! I can see it now... Indas 30 minute meals! Great work as always!

Looks amazing! I love snapper. I’m thankful I live in Florida and have access to fish such as snapper, grouper, and pompano. They’re all some of my favorites.
Wow, love the fish! I am not much of a pasta guy… but I’d have no problem tearing into that plate! Nice job man!
Good stuff! My daughter planted late so no Maters yet. But that recipe is on the to do list...JJ
Another awesome meal there guy. One question post says 4 filets only 3 on the place?? :emoji_laughing:
Tomatoes sound awesome will have to try them.

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