Over salted my belly

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2% is the consensus???
That or a little under should work well. You can tune down once you do another run if need be.
Also, 2% of the weight of your "stuff" in a dry brine or cure it's just the weight of the meat.

In wet brine/cure it's the weight of the meat + the water.

Let me know if this helps :)
On your salty bacon, I would take the number of slices for a meal and poach them lightly in warn water to reduce the salt and the sugar. I don't know if it takes out the maple flavor you prefer. I do NOT like a maple flavor.
I too cured some pork belly for bacon and thought it was a bit to salty even after rinsing it thoroughly after the curing. I put the sliced bacon in bowl and ran cold water over it for 5-10 mins -if that and was a noticeable difference in the lack of salty flavor.
If you find your bacon is still too salty it can be repurposed in other dishes. Green beans with bacon, BBQ beans and bacon, chili... whatever dishes you want with added bacon.

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