Over cooked some sausage links

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Mar 30, 2007
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  While doing up a venison shoulder, I over cooked some hot sausage links (uncooked) on the smoker. They look beautiful, but are a little dry. Hate to toss them out and was wondering if I could mix them with something, a sauce or gravy that might moisten them up a bit more?? Any ideas.

Slice em up when you are ready to eat them and add your favorite condiment for moisture if you are concerned about it.
Hell, just cut your losses and send em to me--I can figure out sumtin to do, like a gumbo, make a great mushroom based white sauce and put over egg noodles.. I will do my best to recover them for ya..

You can put them in a potato  and leek soup.

Fry chopped onion with chopped Carrots when soften add vegetables stock potatoes ,leek ,salt ,black pepper hot paprika let it boil till potatoes soft bland all .cut the sausages and toss in to the soup let it simmer  for 15 minutes
Slice them up, throw them in the crockpot with some barbecue sauce, and heat 'em up for a couple of hours. They'll be great!
I would do what "cvaglica" said, but I would water the BBQ sauce down about 50% first, so the dried out sausage slices could absorb a lot of it.

Hmmmm, I could stand a plie of that right now !!!!

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