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Orange Flame & Black Soot


Joined Jul 21, 2016
My old gas cooker died after a good 10 years outdoor here in Central Thailand. Can't remember the brand name but it was built in Australia and sold here. I salvaged the top and then built brick around it.  Had 3 steel pipe burners made, new regulator and good gas.

But here is where the problem lies. Plenty of orange flame and black soot.

Suggestions welcome. And yes I do know that I have no idea on what I am doing..


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Joined Jan 10, 2015
Looks like you do not have enough air going to it. Looks like it's all gas. You need some way to pull air into the burners before u get to the gas and some way to regalate I the air to gas mixter. Look at a store bought grill if you can find one to see how they done it most have a disk were the gas line hooks to the burner with holes in it you just open or close the holes by turning the disk until you get a nice blue flame Good luck

unclebubbas bbq

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Joined Jun 26, 2013
Like Hank said you need to get air into the burner tubes. You want a blue flame and the soot will go away


Joined Jul 21, 2016
I have been told that patience is a virtue. Who cares, I just want my BBQ grill to work. Still have orange flames and very little blue flames. Here is my new setup.

I added air flow adjustable valves for all three burners.

Yes, some of the burners are plugged up with paint and I will fix that. However, that is not the main problem. Which is not enough air. Any suggestions?

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