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Jun 17, 2022
Well I attempted to trade my Akorn smoker for a commercial kitchen griddle. The smoker was delivered with a PID, bag of lump, extra grates, and a large Boston butt, and some rub. The griddle was attempted to be delivered to me, but was in terrible shape, so I left it inside that Western Auto building where it has sat for ten years. So I lost my smoker. Walmart did me dirty on a $439 griddle which has laid waiting for two weeks to be picked up. No returns, no replacement, no refund. The new Walmart.

Well this friend that swapped kamado for griddle felt badly for me and offered me a charbraoiler.



I squirted some degreaser on it, and hit it with the pressure washer and it cleaned up pretty well. Hooked up the bottled gas and it lit. I let it burn until the bottle went dry, which was about an hour because it was already low. Not a ton of smoke, but some did come off.

It is a countertop 36” x 24”. Toastmaster Pro Series with deflector plates- 90,000 BTU. Retails new for around $1,800 or so. This one had some burnt spots on the back wall and a little bit of rust right there. Originally plumbed into natural gas and set in a kitchen, my friend got it after it was replaced with something different. He figures it had about 20 hours on it. He did the orifice exchange and converted it into a propane operated unit.

The flames were pretty good, but yellow, not blue. I would have thought that the burners would produce a blue flame. I suspect there is a regulator issue of some kind going on with it. I turned all three burners to full, medium and low. On low the far burner would flame out. I ran it on two burners and could lower the flame fairly well. My tank was low, but I think the regulator needs changed for something different. I don’t know spit about such things, but my boss has a world of knowledge and can get me straightened out. It may also be that the burners have something inside them that needs flushed out. I dunno.

I had planned on making my “Pit Boss Sierra Griddle” the center piece of my outside kitchen, but it was destroyed upon delivery and Walmart doesn’t want to issue a refund, a replacement, or anything other than more hassles.

So this charbroiler will now be my center piece. I plan to buy a griddle topper thingie to set on one side and make it a grill griddle combo. With it I can handle my crew and then some. The chihuahua certainly has high expectations for her new grill adventures. So there will be plenty of encouragement for me.

I have a Lowes gift card with about $250 on it, so I plan to buy a new Akorn. Yes, I really liked smoking meats on that thing. It is just a metal kamado, but it only costs $300. The first one, that I traded with, was almost ten years old. Still worked great. Just keep them under roof and don’t allow them to keep ash in the bottom. I used a stainless steel colander with extra holes drilled in it as a charcoal basket down inside. This allowed me to grab it and shake out the dust and keep the small pieces for the next cook. Filled, this bowl held enough lump to cook for about 16 hours at 225 degrees.

The only issue I have with the design is the cast iron insert to cook on. I leaned it against the porch and it fell over and broke off a chunk. I looked everywhere for a replacement. 19 3/4” diameter and nobody had this in stainless steel. One feller would make me one for $200+, but the entire grill only costs $300. So I just used the broken top.

I also added a Weber grill grate and it fit perfectly down inside and I could lay a pizza stone down there and it made a great deflector. I had bought Grill Grates for it, too. I forgot to give those to my buddy, so I will probably give him those. They are for grilling you know.

I also plan to tap-con some boards to the cinder block wall and add hooks to hang my collection of cast iron skillets in this outdoor kitchen. Keeping it small and functional. Two cookers, and nothing else.

Now this charbroiler needs a stainless steel roll around cart. I want to roll it out from under the porch roof to cook, and back under when done. The kamado comes with nice big wheels already. I looked at some prices for these carts and they are pricy. They call them service tables or something in the restaurant business. I could use a wooden table because the table seen in pictures barely even got warm. The wife insists though as she says it looks like it will catch fire at any moment. So I got to buy a table for the grill.

They sell a Carolina cooker cast iron griddle topper thingie and while small, it would probably look really cool sitting on top. I have learned how to season cast iron skillets beautifully now, and figure I could with that as well. I worry that the other ones will warp and flop around while I try to use the surface for cooking. Clank Clank Clank.

The idea here is that she likes to entertain, and I like to cook for our guests. I need to search and read on here about all the different meals so I can cherry pick a few to master, then present. I mean anyone can do burgers or steaks, but I want to create interesting things. I want to try some of the stuff they grill in Spain and Mexico and South America. I mean other than fajitas or tacos. Anyways, I wanted to show off my new broiler and there isn’t a subsection for gas grills, so I wandered into here.

I need to leave a review on so others can be warned about what happens when you order a grill from those people. You get abused and your money is gone and no one much cares.
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My boss is very experienced with propane cookers and told me to bring it in and let him fiddle with it. Could be regulator. Could be wrong sized orifice for propane. He agrees that there is an air gas issue. I want the Blue Flame O Hades coming out of them burners. I’ll worry about paying for the fuel later.

I am acquiring a second propane canister to feed this thing. Each of the three burners is suppose to generate 30,000 btu. We are no where near that now.He’ll figure it out and get it running good.

If he ever needs it for a cook job, He can use it free of charge. I’ll bring it right to him. Great guy.

I couldn’t pull the trigger on a table or a griddle topper. I know I need them, but money is tight. Always is when I pay the credit card people. Extra money on the card due to an order gone wrong and delays. I have to wait until I actually see my refund.

I plan to clean the grates much better than they are now. Sand them some, and scrape, gouge and gorge them clean. Then season like a Lodge pan. Try to get non stick surface.

I’ll get the smoker, the table, and the griddle topper thingie eventually.

So can someone suggest something cool I could cook ?
i have been using propane almost all my life it seems , i think the problem with the yellow flame is that its not getting enough air , a simple adjustment to the air intake should fix that
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Well my boss installed a new hose, which is fatter, and a new larger regulator. The grill now works like it was designed to work. Big flamage.

Yesterday he borrowed it to do a cook for some folks that wanted to eat steaks. He was able to managed a dozen nice ribeyes at a time and they looked to be perfectly cooked. That nice diamond shaped charmarking.

I brought it home and hooked it to a brand new tank of propane and immediately had issues. I did this, I did that, and still the most I could get was a small blue flame. So I went to bed and this morning it fired up beautifully for me. The regulator thought there was a leak and tried to save us from blowing up the house.

My boss also gave me a few ribeyes to broil up over the holiday weekend. Nice I know. I went to the grocers last night and bought some bratworst and some chicken and a few other things to enjoy. They had a special on frozen baby back ribs at $ 9 a pack, with some at $ 10. I placed 8 of those in my deep freezer, and have 2 out in my fridge for this weekend. Yes, I plan to buy my Akorn today and have them assemble it, Hopefully pick it up tonight. That way I will have it ready to go for those ribs. Back in the saddle so to speak.

So……I have just about recovered from the disaster with the “ Pit Boss Sierra Griddle”. Been right about a month now since the FedEx driver dumped it in my driveway, and I requested a replacement or a refund. They eventually came and picked up the tattered box, but there has been no word on any sort of a refund.
on your air/fuel mix you need to clean the inside of the burners
they get crud in side [rust, cobwebs ect]
and this will throw off the mix by restricting the flow
the orfice is like a jet witch draws air in with the flow
a 12 or 20 Ga. shotgun cleaning brush will make short order of this task
also clean each slot/hole were the gas comes out
hope this helps

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