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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by matthew brown, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. matthew brown

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    Hello, I am fairly new. I have done a decent job with my offset burning charcoal. I have an old propane grill.  I was thinking about pulling the burners from the grill and adding them too the cooking chamber.  Burning them on a really low heat to keep the temp more stable, but also burning charcoal and wood chunks in the firebox for smoke.  I normally put large pans at the bottom of the cooking chamber with water to help keep the temps stable, but I want the propane for longer burns.  What do you think? Will 2 burners running on a really low temp over heat the chamber, even with the water pans above the burners?
  2. sqwib

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    I have a reverse flow with built in pipe burners, and have had success with maintaining temps.

    T o get smoke I add a split right on top of the fire grate. I haven't done a full smoke this way but did run a 5 hour test burn, however I don't think I would use the burner on windy days.
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  3. I added a turkey fryer burner to my firebox and use a 10" Iron skillet to place the wood in. I had to constantly fight my smoker for consistent temps and now I can set it and forget it. [​IMG]
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  4. theoldman

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    how do you keep the wood from flaring up in the skillet?  How close to the flame is the skillet?
  5. I would say its about 4-5" off the burner. By keeping the vents barely open I can control the flare-ups. Actually since that pic was taken I have replaced the grate with a much heavier duty to give me more mass in the firebox to help hold heat. I will try and post up a pic later.
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  6. theoldman

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    It looks like your burner exits underneath the smoke box.  Hadn't thought of that.  Where do youut the propane tank?
  7. I just finished building a new frame so the propane bottle can sit on the cart now.

  8. smokinal

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    Looks like great idea.
  9. grandpa1

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    This is exactly what i would like to to with my smoker.  I have several questions i would like to ask please contact me.

    [email protected]
  10. I am going to mod my Brinkman, do you have a recommendation as to where to buy the burner/pressure regulator and exactly what size burner you use? 
  11. tom c

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    Just order one for my Char-griller pro. I going to rig it so I can remove with out having to disconnect it when I want to burn Charcoal.

     Premium Two-Part Cast Iron Burner - Adjustable Length Neck


    This burner is to large I need a smaller one.
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  12. tom c

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    I though about doing something like this, but was consern about having enough fresh air for the propain to burn. What would happen if the flame went out and the propain fill the cooking chamber???
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  13. theoldman

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    If you will mount the propane burner so that the air inlet is outside the firebox, it will work better. If it is inside, it's trying to burn the smoke etc. that's in there Cut ahole using a hole saw, just large enough for the intake end to pass through from the inside, and rig a mount for it.  That way, it will get clean combustion air.  This worked for me.
  14. tom c

    tom c Smoking Fanatic

    Sfill have some work to do, but here is a quick pic.

    This burner is to large I need a smaller one

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  15. chef jimmyj

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    Your idea sounds good...I'm one of those guys that the only tools I have and can use, is a Screw Driver and a Hammer...I have to buy a Propane Burner conversion kit. I have heard good thinks about one kit called Afterburner from
  16. oldprop

    oldprop Newbie

    i've wanted to do this for yrs and everyone says i'll burn down my house.

    Can i see a close up of how you put it through the box?

    Where did you buy the burner?

    Why not put it thru the smoke box door?

    thanks - mt
  17. caseyp

    caseyp Fire Starter

    I have wondered if this could be done. This past weekend I fought and fought with my smoker trying to keep the temp right. The meat turn out good but the bark had the creosote taste to it. I am defently gonna be doing this to my smoker soon, along with sanding down and repainting it. I still want the charcoal when I grill burgers but for smoking I want propane.
  18. I'm wondering if an electric element from a Brinkmann Gourmet Electric smoker can be adapted to a side box in this fashion. I love the consistent temperatures from the electric, but i hate the lack of real estate, I can't fit a decent sized beef brisket in this....
  19. Was wondering the same thing, so took the element out of my BGS and placed it into the firebox of my new Trailmaster Limited Edition. Couldn't get the temp above 150 degrees. I didn't try it in the cooking chamber. Might give the propane burner a try like above.
  20. Go to tejas smokers, they have every kind of burner you can think of

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