No more Drums as of 8/30/13

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by bubbonehead, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. No longer available.
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  2. pineywoods

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    That's very nice of you I went to buy a 55 gal drum to use as a burn barrel and they didn't have any they told me that many companies are now charging deposits on them. I have looked in several places and still haven't found any
  3. rdknb

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    I am looking for one too.  But Ar is a bit far.
  4. scarbelly

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    Very cool. CA is just a little far for this one LOL 
  5. Well, don't give me too much credit on that point. These drums are actually a problem for me. I go through thousands of gallons of printing ink a month. The ink company will come get them but it's not worth them making a trip until I have a large quantity of them. That takes up too much of my floor space. I tried scrapping them out but scrap yards won't take them.

    Look for packaging companies in your area. Every major metro area has them. They all buy ink in 55 gallon drums.
  6. I called our local oil distributor and got quoted $40.00 for a brand new drum with a lid. If you have not tried your local oil company/distributor, give them a call.
  7. frosty

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    Now THATS a true gift.  Settles your problem and benefits others!  Great job!!!
  8. smokinal

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    Wonder what it would cost to ship one?
  9. grn935oh

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    Are the drums still free and available? If so where are you located? I'm just across the river in Memphis.

  10. iceman61

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    Im interested too. Im not in Memphis, but 75 miles from there & would be willing to come over to get one or two...or more.
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  11. the scrap yards here will only take barrels if there cut open so when people ask if they'll take them they usually say no, or is the ink the problem. with the price of scrap right now u could also try the local scrap monkeys (the guys in crap trucks driving around picking up scrap all day) just trying to throw ideas to get shop space back good luck
  12. Thanks Clyde, I'll check into that.

    grn935oh, I sent you a PM with my cell number.
  13. erodinamik

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    If the price to ship one wasn't too expensive I'd be willing to pay the shipping on one.  Any body know how much it would cost to ship one?
  14. I'm looking for 1, maybe 2, and don't live far, I'll send ya a PM!
  15. Thank you!!!!!   I'm starting to build mine very soon now! 
  16. ralan

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    Good morning.  I know this post is a little old, but I do live in the Memphis area and am looking for some 55 gallon drums.  If you still have some, please email me - [email protected] to let me know how to contact you to get some barrels.
  17. jrod62

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    Send him a PM that way he sure to see it.
    I wish i lived closer. I would start building UDS to sell
  18. Always have plenty of drums.

    I PMed you my cell number ralan.
  19. I'm sorry but my boss saw me loading up about 20 of these for someone and decided that I have to start charging $5 each for them.
  20. michael ark

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    Just let them stack up till their in the way again. Then mabe he'll rember why he was giving them away.:biggrin:

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