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Dec 12, 2022
Well, I was born in Baltimore at a very early age. Grew up in SW Virginia, think Appalachia, where meat was cooked to a slightly palatable something resembling shoe leather that requires lots of steak sauce and veggies are mush. I now desire meat that still moos, clucks, squeals, or makes what ever noise a fish makes when I bite into it. Currently I am starting to learn about smoking meats and own a Pit Boss pellet grill. Eventually I would like to explore off-set smokers. I live in Albuquerque, NM and do not experience a grilling/smoking season. Yay!!! I am also starting to learn about brining and is how I found this site. For Christmas I will be brining and smoking at least four Cornish Game Hens. I can not get out and hunt like I did when I was younger, so fishing and store bought meats will have to do. I also make my Mead and have been doing so for about three years and will be exploring the paring of various flavored Meads with differently smoked meats. Hmmm, might be a good book subject. Who knows what the future may bring but I am looking forward to it. Has anyone made bread in a smoker? Just an idea that's playing bouncy ball in my head.
Welcome to the forum! Ain't nothing wrong with pellet grills and store-bought meat. Use what you got and you can improve what you're working with over time.

The closest thing to bread that I've made is pizza but I don't see why you couldn't make a loaf or two especially in a pellet smoker.
Welcome to the group. Here we learn to tell lies, take pics of food even failures, and learn what that thin blue smoke is.
Welcome from Kentucky! Nothing wrong with store bought meats. Pellet grills work fine, but benefit from some added smoke from a tube if you like a heavier smoke flavor.
Welcome from Virginia! My sister owns Anodyne Pool Hall in downtown Albequerque. I used to visit there a lot, very fun/interesting town! Looking forward to seeing your Meade and meat pairings!
Welcome from Mississippi! Did a couple of tours of duty as a travel nurse in Roswell, NM. Loved NM while I was there. Traveled all over the state on my days off. And started my addiction to green chilies.
I believe BGKYSmoker BGKYSmoker has done bread on his smoker. But I may be wrong.

Hey Folks,
Thanks all for the warm welcome!

TNJake, I will be starting a 1.5 gallon batch real soon. Should be finished in about three months. I do have a four gallon batch I made that was finishing up just as we moved to NM last year. Kinda soured on me, not quite vinegar, so I'm thinking of using it as the base for a marinade for tough cut hoping the increased acidity will help soften it a bit.

JLeonard, Thanks for the heads up on BGKYSmoker BGKYSmoker . I wondering how well the smoke flavor will infuse into the bread. Thinking about a line of smoke infused bread products. I am pretty much a chilli head as well. Used to grow just about anything in VA, Tai hots, tabasco, jalapeno, and habanero. Grew ghost peppers in Colorado and I have some Vietnamese hot peppers that I've been maintaining for three years now and they still produce like they did the first year.

Real excited to be here and look forward to learning from all you good folks.
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Welcome from Utah!

I enjoy baking bread too! You can bake it in pretty much anything you use outside, only you'll bake it at a higher temp (400-500F). Most people will say you're not smoking if you're running above 250-275F. Sill its nice to get that "wood fired" flavor in your bread and pizza!

Glad you've joined the party!! And by the way, we like pictures...:emoji_wink: is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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