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Dec 23, 2022
Good morning, I'm in GA we had bad weather last night. Long story short, while I was waiting for my Pork shoulder to rest so I could pull the pork the power went out 2am Power restored at 6am. Do I need to reheat the should to pull the meat. Need help!
hi and welcome to the forum from Minnesota.
how did you have the shoulder wrapped during the rest? did you take the temp of the roast at 6am?
If you do need to reheat, I find a crockpot is sometimes a good method after it’s been smoked. It falls apart on its own. I’ve done this a couple of times when I wanted to delay the pulling process.
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Welcome to the forum SmokingRock, glad you joined us.
The problem occurs when the internal temp drops below 140* for more than 4 hours. Is there any way you can determine that? I think that is where tbern tbern was going.
Welcome from Iowa! When are you planning to eat it, is it for a Christmas meal? Did you save the fat drippings while smoking? As mentioned a crock pot would work fine to reheat then pull, if you saved the drippings...or you need to add some liquid. Since it's already cooled I would wait till you plan to eat it rather than reheat to pull to cool for eating at a later date.

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