New Year's WINE Related Goals/Resolutions?

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leah elisheva

Master of the Pit
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Sep 19, 2013
Seacoast of New Hampshire

Happy 2014!!! And happy snowy and quite beautiful Sunday to those who are East!

So what are everyone's WINE goals or resolutions for this exciting new year?

Is anyone eager to try some certain grape varietal or wine genre in 2014 that they haven't sampled before?

Or is anyone switching to white or red or rosé? (Or beer)? Smiles.

Who's cutting back on the quantity they consume for 2014? (In the name of healthy "slimming down," or whatever it be)?

Who's ADDING wine to their diet, in the name of heart health or something else?

Or who's simply going to WHINE less (or more) or what "changes" in the way of vino, is everyone making this year?


I am "cutting back" on my wine intake "some," for 2014; as I'm alas making a point to get in shape! Gasp. Sigh. Oy!

(Yes exercise and I have never met until this year, and so stay tuned).

Come mid-April, I'll let you know how my 90 day efforts, with a tad of circulation added to my day and a reduction in my wine consumption; works out. Film at 11!

Meanwhile, I adore a very fabulous and healthful way of eating, and so the next exciting ingredient is me working on the two mentioned changes that are indeed "the new part" for me. Here is to that marvelous thing therefore, called, "CHANGE!"

OK, I look forward to hearing about YOUR 2014 wines and vines of change! Do share!

Cheers!!!!!!!!! - Leah
Awakenings come in many forms and the aging process no matter how slow or fast it comes, increases their occurrence. One of mine came last August at my daughters wedding in California. We live 3000 miles away and never thought about the west coast living styles.

While in Napa, we had driven through so many wine towns where grapes grew in organized rows and rows for miles up and down the hills and valleys. Never took the time to consider how the grapes made this area. It is a complete lifestyle from growing and producing to the science and finance of it all. I am a licensed charter boat captain and have sailed the entire east coast, I have lived in the extreme climate of northern Vermont and it's rural country folk. The beauty of these two scenic zones had seemingly replaced the need for me to explore further. The oceans are constantly changing so boredom is non-existent. The seasonal changes in picturesque Vermont provides lush greens and pure cold snow white and crystal icy scenes , waterfalls, swimming holes and the reminiscent Ike Godsey style general store from Walton's Mountain.

Yet, we'd move to Northern California tomorrow... driving down route 12 we passed nearly every winery name that I may have seen in local NJ liquor stores. The tours they offer just set you in a completely different mindset and provide an education you won't find locally. I'll never understand the finances of these great wineries. It must be mind boggling. Garlic from Gilroy and Rainier cherries the size of ping pong balls, Carmel, Monterey ....oh my!

Winery tastings help provide a better understanding of your own preferences and help avoid that blind choice when you are asked if you'd like wine. For 2014...I've taken a greater interest in these wines and enjoying a future batch of smoked cheeses right along with it. Leah has the right idea. Enjoy an active energetic and seeking life. every few years ,exercise and I find a few short lived affairs. I will try to change that next month...or, maybe the one after
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Well my dear friend Knuckle47, you obviously are not a native Vermonster, as you're one articulate and talented storyteller, which leads me to believe that you may also even have your teeth.

ERGO: You did time there, in bucolic land, and your shared musings above are one fine treat to enjoy and too, read!

Would you please send me an e-mail (either via this site) or via my own e-mail address which is on my blog (link below in my profile signature) and let me know where in Vermont you did hail from? You're talking to a gal born and raised in the Northeast Kingdom you see!

Small, small, small, world it is, yes? Please do come say hello, as we may know each other! (With only two handfuls of residents in that entire state  - one handful cows and half of the other handful being related to one another - there's a fair chance that the three remaining citizens may have bumped into one another at some point in time).

Meanwhile, such fantastic vino vignettes you've shared. Many thanks! Cheers! - Leah
Hey Leah,

Quite amusing ... dental comments notwithstanding but yes, they are all there. I am composing a more detailed email to you highlighting my "stay" that will take a few days to get to . However my wife is a native near Enosburg. We eventually moved to Fletcher / Fairfax area near Chester Arthur's birthplace. I know you will find that story entertaining.

You have my attention as I read how exuberant and assertive you might be. I had spent my hour wait today at my moms doctors office reading some of your web site. I abso-"freakin"-lutley loved it! Nice to know the "cause" lives on, very few of us left.
I have about 400 +/- in the cellar. So my resolution is the same as the past couple years. Buy less, drink more.
mneeley490, Happy 2014! That resolution sounds spectacular!

And knuckle47, thanks very much! (I am delighted that my blathering scribe on my blog didn't put you to sleep)! AND TOO, I very much look forward to hearing about you and your wife's Vermont experience!

Meanwhile, here's to that sensational wine barrel smoker! I must admit, that gets added to my list of musts now!!! Terrific stuff!!!

Cheers!!!!!!!! - Leah is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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