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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by fdannyw, May 24, 2015.

  1. fdannyw

    fdannyw Smoke Blower

    I just bought a new wsm how do I season it
  2. noboundaries

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    WSMs really don't need seasoning.  Wash the grates and you're good to go.  You might want to do a dry run though (no water, no meat) to learn to control temps between 225 and 350F, then throw something simple on after you feel good about temp control.
  3. congrats and happy smoking.

    you may want to foil your water pan when you use it - i didnt foil mine and the drippings burned on it :hit:

    its a pain to get out and i think i scratched some of the enamel coating off :devil:
  4. damon555

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    As stated in the directions that came with your WSM there is no need to season it.....It will run a little on the hot side the first dozen or so smokes but will settle in after that.

    There is a myriad of information on this site about the WSM's......

    Enjoy your new smoker.....You couldn't have made a better choice. 
  5. gordon r

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    Couldn't agree more.  Cooked some ribs the first time I fired mine up, and while nothing has ever turned out badly, controlling the temperature has definitely gotten easier over time.  Running hot was a problem, but last week I was able to cook a pork butt for almost 17 hours doing nothing more than adding water every four hours or so.  
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