My first time using my new used wsm 18 inch.

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Original poster
Aug 1, 2020
Hello, I recently got a wsm, getting used to it.
I decided to do two racks of spareribs kc cut, but doing Memphis nonsense style.
I set up the wsm for minion method.
I started with 12 lit briqets. IL
I've not been able to get under 320°. And that's with all the vents closed.
Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
Thanks, Josh.
My 18" WSM with 12 lit briquettes Minion method, would take a good hour to get to 225*, and it takes "forever" to get it to 325. Well; maybe not forever, but along time with all vents / draft wide open.

Did you catch your smoker temp on the way up and start shutting down the vents?

I almost never shut the draft, (In the lid) until I am trying to snuff out the coals after smoking.

Are you using a trusted thermometer?

My smoker is 12 or 13 years old and very well seasoned, but even brand new, it was easy to keep temps down around 250*

Give us a little more info?
too vent should stay wide open. On my 22” I’d have all the bottom vents open about 1/8 of the way. Like one eye Jack asked, do you have your vents open then try to slow it down as the temperature rises? That can be a pain to do compared to having vents set at a position to maintain it where you need to be. Kell working at it. Once you get it figured out and dialed in it’s a really good smoker and easy to use
Makes no sense at all.

I just used my 18 WSM to direct heat cook a couple of whole yardbird. I used a chimney and a half of fully lit lump, no water pan, all the birds on the top rack and it ran 300* for the first 45 minutes and then never got over 325 for the last half of the cook.

What temp gauge are you using ?

Water pan or no water pan ? If so , with water in the pan ?

With only 12 fully lit briqs it should've had trouble getting over 250*. You sure you were reading your temp gauge correctly ?

Reverse searing a steak in my Kettle, I start with 8 fully lit briqs and it will run 250.
Welcome go the forum, Josh. Not sure what to add. Starting with twelve lit brickettes, I never had a runaway like that. But I have always been diligent about closing down the bottom vents as the temp nears 200*. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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