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Original poster
Aug 6, 2007
Joplin MO

In college we had to grill alot, makes it easier to feed a handful of people with a pocket full of change. Still grilling, but a smoked meat restaraunt down the road turned me onto this delicious style of cooking. Thought i had try it myself.
Bought me a Smoke Hollow 38" gas smoker. Its been seasoned and everything appears to be wonderful with it. Just kinda wondering what my trial run should be. Looking for something easy enough to smoke for a novice like myself and tasty enough to impress friends and neighbors.
Any suggestions?

Welcome to SMF !!! A fatty is about the easiest and getting to be the most popular item on most smokes that are listed, can usually always find room for a fatty on the grill !!!
Welcome to the SMF. Hope you get to get a good look around, plenty of interesting stuff. MossyMo's got the direction to head towards, tasty and fun to smoke.
Welcome to SMF! Fatties, pork butts, are all great suggestions to start off. You'll find that there are plenty of things to smoke as your budding addiction runs deeper and deeper!
Don't worry we are a big support group too.

Just remember to post pics of yer smokes. We need pics!

Infact, I think I'll do a meatloaf today!
This was my first effort and it is almost foolproof as well as being absolutely delicious.

Smoked Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast
Using skinless/boneless chicken breast, cut the breast into two slices. That would be 4 slices per whole chicken breast. (2 slices per half of breast.) Next use a high quality low salt sandwich ham, provolone cheese and bacon.

After you cut the chicken into slices, pound them down into a thinner pieces.

Now take 4 slices of bacon and lay them side by side. Take a fifth piece of bacon and lay it across the four strips at the center. Next it is just a matter of layering the stuff on top of the bacon. This is the order in which everything is layered:
·1 slice Chicken
·1 slice Ham
·1 slice Cheeze
·1 slice Chicken
·1 slice Ham
·1 slice Cheeze
Now roll your chicken, ham and cheeze up the best you can. I know it is going to look like it won't roll up correctly, but it rolls up good enough.

Next, tie the roll together using the 4 pieces of bacon and toothpicks. Once that is done, take the cross piece of bacon and pull it up and over both ends of the roll and toothpick it as well.

SMoke with a cabinet temp of 225 till you reach an internal of 160. smoke/P101046911.jpg
Maybe try a smoked meat loaf? Doesn't get much easier then that.
Welcome aboard!! Pic's look good Bill, I was thinking of doing a smoked cor don bleu, but sans the cheese, I thought it would just all melt out...Anyway, my first smoke was chic thighs, brined (a must), rubbed, & smoked. So easy and ssooooo good. Whatever you decide on, throw a fatty or two in there! A full smoker is a happy smoker!
Welcome to SMF pittgolf!!! Just smoke what you want to eat. With a gasser you shouldn't really have much problems with fire control over a long, short, hot, or cooler cook. Enjoy!
Welcome aboard pittgolf, glad to have you with us!

As far as a first smoke, mine was a pork shoulder... it came out very good for the first time. I also did a meatloaf, that was just unbelievable!

Good luck!
Hi Pittgolf!...Welcome to the SMF!...
...We're glad to have you aboard!!...

Sorry it took so long to welcome you, but I've been offline due to ISP/computer problems since July 2...

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