New to GOSM - Low Smoke Output - HELP!!

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by mcdave, May 27, 2007.

  1. mcdave

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    I had a charcoal smoker for about a year and I get tired of the hassle and time so I bought a GOSM series at Menard's last Fall. I love the temp control but the few times I've used it I''ve had the hardest time getting it to smoke! I know I don't want/need huge blasts of smoke, but I'm having a hard time getting little bitty wisps!! I have hickory, apple and mesquite. I've tried soaking the wood and also tried it with the wood dry. I've tried filling the box and I've also tried just putting a little in the box. So far, no real smoke. HELP!!!
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    Hello McDave nice to have you here, make sure you go to "Roll Call" next and tell us a little about yourself. Now about your smoke, how long did you wait, and what temp. was the smoker at. I get mine up to around 225 and then it'll take around 10 or 15 minutes to get smoke. At first I was also wondering why I didn't have smoke so I boosted up the temp. I later found out from some one here that you don't have to do that. Just wait and it'll smoke. You did have the vents open didn't you? Well I'm sure other people will also chime in with help. Have you signed up for Tulsa Jeff's smoking course? It'll really help. Good Luck
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    I thought I had that problem at first when I did not see any smoke but found out later that I really had that thin blue smoke all along. Look at your wood chunks after about 30 minutes of preheating to see if they have started to turn black. If so, then you have been getting some of that thin blue smoke you should desire. You can also smell it coming out of the top vent. The fumes will make your eyes water telling you something is happening to the wood. [​IMG] Now if you really insist on seeing a little bit of white smoke you can start one of your wood chunks on a burner and throw it smothering into the smoke box. You should be fine as long as the wood is turning black and eventually turning into ash. By the way, I use my handy dandy silicone gloves to check the smoke box when hot and to add more wood chunks.
  4. cheech

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    If you look at the air leaving the smoke stack against a dark background you may be suprised. Often it is difficult to see the thin blue on a sunny day (I wouldn't know what a sunny day looks like I live in Michigan)
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    To speed up the smoke and get more heat to the chunks and a whole lot faster..

    Find a large metal coffee can and cut it down with a dremel tool or other cutting device to where it will fit on top of the burner and below the water pan.

    Put your chunks in there and it will start smoking in about 1 minute.

    I turn the knob all the way to high when I first put wood in the can and leave it there for about 2 minutes before turning it back down to medium or medium-low.

    This gives the wood a good boost and really helps the smoking action.

    If you are wondering about the smoke.. put your nose down close to the top vent and take a big sniff. If it burns your nostrils, then smoke is present.[​IMG]

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