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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by shoresmoker, May 21, 2012.

  1. Hey all! I'm new to the site and fairly new to smoking, but hopefully the recent gift of a Smokin' It Model #1 electric smoker will change all that. 

    I live in New York City and over the past few years have tried with mixed results smoking inside our apartment using a Cameron's stovetop smoker (ribs, pulled pork, chicken).

    This summer, my wife and I have plans to spend time at beach house in NJ so I decided to take the plunge with a dedicated smoker. I've done some outdoor smoking in the past, but only on gas grills using wood chips and tin foil or smoker boxes. But since we never had a grill of our own, I never had a dedicated setup.

    Since I'm a beginner, I decided on an electric smoker. We have a 9 month old baby who keeps us very busy so I also really appreciated the convenience of a set-it and forget-it operation. I'd read good things about the Smokin' It smokers in reviews online, so I'm hoping to have a great experience with it.

    My first smokes will take place this weekend for Memorial Day and I was thinking I'd start with some chicken and ribs. I'm hoping to move on to brisket and pulled pork soon.

    I'd love some advice and recipes, so if anyone has any experience with electric smokers it would be great to hear from you. I also signed up for the Smoking Basics eCourse. I'm really glad I found this site. It looks like a fantastic community of smoke lovers.
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    Hello Shore Smoker and [​IMG]  to SMF - glad to have you here 
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    Howdy ShoreSmoker-

    I just took a look at that Smokin' It model #1 and it looks like a nice unit. Find you a good rub that works well for both ribs and chicken or experment and make your own.  I'll thrown in a shameless plug here for Tulsa Jeffs Rib rub cuz it's great on everything. Plus the cost of the recipe helps offset the cost of running the forum.
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