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New Info on whats in Traeger Pellets

Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by team c, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. team c

    team c Newbie

    I thought I would share what I recently learned about Traeger pellets. After getting my AMNPS I looked to find pellets in my local area. I wanted 100% flavor wood. Went to my local hardware store and was told the Traegar pellets were 100% of what they say on the bag, if they said apple they were 100% apple and so on. Got four 20lb bags of different flavors for $12.99 each and was out the door. A  few weeks later from scanning the web I learned that no one it seemed was really sure what the make up of the Traegar pellets was! Some said they were 100% alder or oak with flavor oils, some said a mix, and on and on. I was told that if you call Traeger and ask they will tell you they don't know or if you send a email inquiring whats in the pellets then they reply that it is proprietary information. I live in Oregon about 15 minutes from Traeger offices so called them to get it straight from the horses mouth. Talked to a very nice rep Lisa. She did not know what the make up of the pellets was, and said that info only the pellet mill knows.  [​IMG]After some back and forth she said she would try and get me some info and took my #. I would have bet anyone 100 bucks that I never would hear back from her but today she called me and said she got a note from the mill with a breakdown of whats in the pellets.

    The base wood if you are on the west coast is alder and the east coast is oak.

    Mesquite or Hickory 100% base wood (alder or oak) with flavor oils no actual Mesquite or Hickory wood in the pellet [​IMG]

    Apple, Pecan or Cherry 70% base wood 30% Apple, Pecan or Cherry wood

    Maple 100% Maple wood

    Alder on the west coast is 100% Alder on east coast 70% oak 30% Alder

    Oak on the east coast is 100% Oak on the west coast 70% Alder 30% Oak

    So no more Traegar pellets for me. If your only use for pellets is a AMNPS your best bet is 100% flavor wood. Todd is the only person I found who sells a variety of 100% Flavor wood pellets. They are a little expensive with shipping but you get what you pay for and he only sells quality stuff. He currently gives you a sample of Oak pellets with your order of the AMNPS but I would suggest he change the sample to something like Hickory since so many pellets are Oak based so then people could really taste the difference of his pellets compared to others.

    If I was using pellets for a pellet smoker instead of a AMNPS then I would get a Oak based blend with 30% flavor wood for more consistent heat output. The ones I see with the best reviews are BBQr's Delight

    Since my only use for pellets is my AMNPS after all the research I went with a 100% flavor wood blend. Hickory, Cherry, Hard Maple and Apple from Cookingpellets.com called Perfect Mix. Was $54.00 including shipping for 40lbs. They also carry the AMNPS on their site and I believe Todd sells their Perfect mix pellets in smaller sizes on his.

    Hope this info helps some of you. Thanks to everyone on the forum, you have helped me make some great food.
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  2. ronrude

    ronrude Meat Mopper

    Thanks for the info.  I tried some Traeger pecan and was kind of wondering about them.  I guess as long as I know what is there, i can live with that.  Some people blend anyway.
  3. chef willie

    chef willie Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Thx for the info. I see them at Costco every now and then and always wondered 'what' was in their pellets as the bag had no info on it. Their units still seemed to expensive to me, especially now with them being made in China.
  4. pokey

    pokey Meat Mopper

    FWIW Another source for a variety of 100% flavor-wood pellets is Barbecuewood.com. I've been burning it in my Traeger pellet-fired grill with good results. Don't have the AMNPS yet, though, so I can't report on that.
  5. tjohnson

    tjohnson Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator Insider OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Good Info!

    I've heard of companies using Hickory and Mesquite Oils in their pellets, but honestly thought it was B.S.

    Guess it's really happening!

    It's frustrating that Pellet Manufacturers do not have to explain what's inside the bag

    I tested hundreds of pounds of pellets and found that most will burn in my gadget

    Some better than others.

    BBQr's Delight performed very well, and Candy Sue stands behind her pellets

  6. Man is this nice info. I have had a Traeger for years and always wondered. Thanks
  7. meldo-q

    meldo-q Newbie

    So does switching your pellet types chance your traeger at all. Do temps stay relativly the same?? Just bought a traeger and was looking through the forums before I fire it up this weekend.
  8. tjohnson

    tjohnson Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator Insider OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Lots of pellets to choose from out there

    IMHO: Some better than others.......

    Try a few different brands, and stick with what you like best

    "Blended Pellets" are pellets that have been mixed with oak or alder wood.  Some believe that blended pellets produce better btu's.

  9. I just ordered apple and pecan Traeger pellets to burn in my Amaz. Hope they work ok smoking pellets are not so easy to find in northern B.C.
  10. chef jimmyj

    chef jimmyj Epic Pitmaster Staff Member Moderator Group Lead OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    They should burn ok but they will not have the flavor of Todd's 100% pure Smoke Wood. It's not that Alder or Oak don't taste good, it's just if I want Apple, I want 100% Apple not a blend. A-MAZE-N Products has Canadian distributors, see the website, so you should not have an issue getting the Good Stuff that Todd sells...JJ

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  11. daron jake

    daron jake Fire Starter

    So living in Iowa I should be ok buying traeger oak pellets and get 100%. Thanks !
  12. I didn't find it too hard to find the same answer you posted Team C. Specifically says Oak or Alder is used.

  13. geerock

    geerock Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    I tried several brands in my Traeger before I went to BBQ DELITE. Never looked back. Now BBQ Delite is a blend with oak as a base wood, but I've been smoking with oak for over 2 decades. What surprises me a bit is that people will blend differentvwoods for a smoke but when its blended for you the base wood is called "filler'.
  14. If you want to try, look into Habitat 4 Humanity's RESTORE in your area.  I find them at my local one quite often.  They are returns from Costco.  Some have a some wear, and some look brand new.  Largest one they sell(075) went for $300-$350.  Traeger honors the warranty..so far.  The baby with hi/med/low setting only was $175 a few weeks ago.  :~)

    To be fair to them, I had a stripped gear and the send me a new motor assembly.  No begging required. 

    as for their Traeger pellets...they suck.  Bear Mountain are easily available 3 miles from me and seem to be better.

    I received the fathers day special from Amaz'n and they send me 5 pounds of pecan, so I will be experimenting with them

    as a 100% heat source and then one with 100% heat source plus additional tube smoker.  So I still have a few weeks to go.

    I did do a chicken with bear mountain pecan and Todd's 100% pecan pellets in the new 12" tube smoker and was well flavored even though the skin was still a bit to rubbery(2 hours  initial smoke at 215*-ish, then finished at 275*-300, it think)

    I'm starting to warm up to the traeger, even though the unit I have is too big for me.  So Far, I'm thinking I still like my MB analog smoker with mods better.  But that could change...if it does, I'll probably look for med size and sell the bigger one.

  15. Thanks for the info on the Traeger Pellets Team C.  

    I was wondering what was in the Traeger pellet because they are one of the few BBQ pellets I have found in my area in So Cal and the only pellets I've ever tried.  I've heard a lot of people say that Alder base for the pellets is not as flavorful as oak and causes more ash in your pit as well.  I've wanted to try Bear Mountain pellets, I've heard a lot of good reports on the forum about them, but the cost for shipping is crazy unless your buying a pallet.  I decided I would tray a couple of bags just to see for myself if there was a big difference in flavor and the ash and heck with the shipping cost (3 bags cost $47.97 shipping cost $59.85) I was going to place and order, that was until I found that Bear Mountain pellets are also made from Northwestern Alder as the base wood for all their pellets.  

    So you guys that have tried both Traeger and Bear Mountain pellets please help me understand why I should pay the extra shipping cost for the same blend of Alder and flavor wood? [​IMG]  
  16. fungus

    fungus Fire Starter

    I can confirm this. I heard from Canadian Traegar dealer. Here in Ontario we get product from the Georgia plant product which is mostly oak and some amount of the indicated wood added.

  17. Has anyone tried JC's smoking wood pellets? And if so are they a "blend" as well? And for any Canadians, I came across bbqpellets.ca. Just looking over it as they say they have free shipping right now...
  18. kennyp1114

    kennyp1114 Smoke Blower

    J looked up the pelkets from Todd and they are also mixed woods. They're great though and i doubt you'll every get 100% unless you have the trees on your property. Luckily i have hickory and oaks and it needs thinning. The only thing about green wood is you have to ley it season for about a year. I use pellets now because i had to cut a tree down and can't use the wood because it taste bitter. Pellets leave a nice clean flavor to food and i love them.
  19. bear55

    bear55 Master of the Pit

    Well I just purchased 140 pounds of assorted Traeger pellets from Essential Hardware for 11.99 per 20 pounds (free shipping).  We'll see how they are.  I too, would have wanted 100% flavor wood but deep down I knew it wasn't the case.

  20. kennyp1114

    kennyp1114 Smoke Blower

    J looked up the pellets from Todd and they are also