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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Feb 25, 2007
Columbia, S.C.
Got it together. Couldn't wait till I found the camera, so here it is set up and ready to go. Next pics shows her outside waiting patiently for me to fire her up.


I did not spray the inside with anything, just filled up the water pan, and wood chip box. Used hickory chips thinking they would burn up quicker for a short seasoning.Here is the lowest temp I could get using the door thermometer. Don't have a digital yet (pet peeve of the day). Called several store in my area, with no luck on getting a digital thermometer. May have to go on line. I closed the side vents as far as they would go, and opened the top vent all the way. I am not surprised about the temp since our state has been topping out at 100 + degrees this week. I started seasoning it this morning at around 9 am., shut her off at around 10:30 am. Now off to Sam's to locate some ribs. Got me two fatties last night, and will add to the ribs. Wish me luck....
Can't seem to get the temp below 243. This could be due to the outside temp being 101 degrees. Hope the higher temp is oK. Got the burner turned down as far as it will go, side vents closed as far as they will go, and the top vent is all the way open. Maybe you guys can chirp in here, and advise. The temp. on the lower temp is the inside temp, on the lower right was my target temp.
You are correct in thinking that ambient air temps will affect the temp of the smoker. Not much you can do. You've already done to your vents what I was going to suggest.

Enjoy your smoke!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


First hour down. Just added water to the pan. Not a hole lot of smoke when I opened the smoker, but as you all say just a little. Big chunks of the hickory still not burned. Inside temp is holding at about 244-243.
Hour three is here. Using Jeff's 3-2-1 method. His comments state the ribs should be pulling away from the end of the bones at around 3 hours, but mine were not. I sprayed them with apple juice, foiled them, added a couple of chunks of hickory, added a little water to the pan, and temp. reads 244-256. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.