Newbie's build of a lifetime

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Feb 15, 2024
Whats up Smokerfam. Naynay here. Got an outdoor kitchen going in down here in downtown St Petersburg FL, and I have some smoker questions :)

Brick Smoker next to an Argentinian style fire grill.

I'm a total noob, and this is my first time designing a smoker/fire grill. Hope y'all can answer some questions or point me in the right direction.

its a cabinet style smoker. fire box below, racks above.

Dimensions: (all can be altered with feedback!)

Concrete footing depth is 45". width of the entire footing is 112" With 90-94" of it for some counter space and the argentinian fire grill area.

The Smoker will be on the left hand side.

Smoker chamber depth
Width 18" on the inside
24-28" wide with the bricks
depth 22-24"
Height - depends on size of firebox but ideally 24-30"

Firebox dimensions.
22-24" deep
15" wide
15" high


What's the ideal width of the brick around the smoker? and why? holding heat / insulation, aesthetics?
Do i need a gap between the block for brick exterior and the firebrick, or fire brick and interior blocking?
Fire clay or high temp refractory cement
how long after finished brick work do i wait to fire her up.
Should the ceiling of the smoker be slanted uptowards the flue to help with draft
Should smoker chamber have any vents in brick, where? door?
Firebox vents on both sides? where?
anyone know a spot to buy the door for the fire box and smoker door? or should just get a local fabricator to build



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Construction begins! Measurements are mostly done. I'm sure there will be some "FIO" Figure it out as we go.

Will send pics along the way and going to take notes and finalize the dimensions and steps for anyone who may want to re-create in the future.

Update. We’re kind of in a holding pattern until we get the firebox angle. Iron frame finished.

I was planning on it being 19” wide 17” tall.

Fingers crossed. It comes back exactly as the measurements in 10 we put the gussets on the horizontal side that will fit into the brick.

But I wanna wait until that’s done to be able to start building the left side of the Smoker and then making a decision on where we place the wall that separates the wood storage sections

Also, I got a picture of the right side of the build where I left it open. Originally I was going to do a steel door just for storing accessories, charcoal etc but I’m thinking we’ve got some room in here for a kegerator.


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