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  1. Well bought a used Brinkman trail master today, thing may have been used twice for grilling lol. It looks brand new, but definetly needs moded, it leaks and has uneven heat....kinda sucks to because I thought I burnt out all the grease, but apparently not because 1 hour into my smoke a ton of thick black smoke bill owed out.....still waiting to see how the chicken tastes :( but it's nice to have a smoker again

    Not quite blue but close enough for the first smoke in 2 years
  2. First smoke on the new smoker
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    I just ate, but I'd try some of each if I were hanging out at your place...
  4. That was the first time smoking brats, and definetly going to be a recurring easy and amazing
  5. Last night's smoke with the most recent mods. 25 cfm bbq guru, sealed all the cracks and holes with black rtv.

    I installed my chamber and fsb gaskets today, now to add the latches later this week, and figure out how to lower the cooking surface and distribute the heat on this thing. Also it was really difficult to get up to temp took about 2 hours and a ton of charcoal to hit 225, but the fsb side was way to hot. ...?
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    I have a similar OK Joes smoker with mods and I'll hit 225F in 25 minutes.

    I've been using a volcano to get some charcoal started and then dumping those into a basket full of lump in the fire box.

    Ambient temp was in the 80's so I can see this taking a little longer if things are cooler but 2 hours is a long time...

    Have you got a basket or just grates in your fire box?
  7. Just a grate right now, I've been trying to figure out how to get a basket for this
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    Making a basket is pretty easy. Here's a link to the tutorial I used.

    This may help with airflow etc so you can get up to cooking temp a bit faster.
  9. Thanks for the link, I'm going to make that later this week. I need to find something to use as a replacement for the handles on the smoker lids and FSB. ...those metal handles are a crappy design and I always forget and burn the crap out of my hand lol
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    Here's another link  for handle ideas.

    These spring handles seem to be a good way to go. My unit has a steel rod with cotter pins that hold it in place with one of these over the steel rod.

    Maybe these exact ones wont work, but it's an idea that should help keep your hands safe. No burns from mine even when it was seasoning at >400F.

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  12. where do you get the silicone gaskets at?  What size is the best, and do you seal it with RTV too?

  13. Where do I get these from? And anything special I need to do to help keep the smoke sealed in around these
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  15. So here's what I've done so far:

    Installed gaskets on FSB and Main cooking chamber doors
    Installed bbq guru
    Drilled 4 holes and installed rubber grommets for 4 thermometers / probes
    Installed 2 latches
    installed charcoal basket
    Sealed up 95% of the remaining leaks with black rtv
    Installed foil along the bottom with holes poked to help distribute the smoke along the bottom
  16. Thanks for all the help, thus thing cooks like a champ now, it got really hot today with that basket, so now I just need to work on the heat regulation. But all these mods are great
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  17. Your pit looks great. Nice job. It's a great feeling when you put some time and effort into the mods for you own unit, and then start putting out some great Q. Thumbs Up
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