Advice on new OC Pecos buy🙏

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Original poster
Feb 15, 2024
Columbus, GA
Just bought a brand new OC Pecos. I've been smoking briskets for a few years, but alway bought a used stick burner. I have a few questions..
-best way to burn it out/clean off manufacturing grease before first food use
-how to easily break off that baffle directing the smoke down from the fire box
-plan on buying a stack extension (exhaust pipe from home depot) was thinking 24" addition. Smoke stack is 5.25 inches in diameter on the inside. Any help on securing it. Used auto exhaust tape previously..
-pretty warm here in Georgia, what's y'alls thought on lining the fire box with fire bricks?
Welcome Home, I think id hold off breaking anything till you run it some, it will get to hot near the fire box, fire it up run it a couple hours at different temps wash the grates and have at it
Welcome neighbor to SMF from SE GA !
I agree with Mike to use it is then determine if you want/need to make any mods. Use a couple of temp probes to measure several areas of the grate.

Build up a good fire and do a burnoff to remove any excess and get to smokin'!

Google luck and post up some picks of your Que !

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