Beauteous Prime Packer...NOT

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jan 26, 2023
So I'm finally getting to the brisket I got at Sam's Club this summer and look what I get when I pulled it out of the vac pack. It's a good thing no children, nuns or large farm animals were in my kitchen today. I think I even invented a few new cuss words when I saw this.

This was straight out of the package...

And this is what I have to work with to smoke tomorrow after a rough trim and point removed...

I'm not sure if I should try to stitch it closed or leave it and use the sliver for burnt end...which is what the point will be anyway. How would you guys go about it? Its just for me to make BE's and then the flat will be sliced up and vac packed into supper portions and frozen. The only reason I got the prime is because it was only 20 cents higher than choice...I now see why.

Couple questions important is salt for brisket? I have reduced my salt intake a few years ago to very little. Since that I'm very sensitive to lots of salt. I had a Wendy's burger about a year ago and I couldn't eat it it was so salty to me. Of course I may eat out once or twice a year too.

And lastly...since this will be going into the freezer how important is resting it at temp? My plan is to let it cool and put it in the fridge overnight...then use my slicer to cut it up next day. I could put it in a cooler in towels for a couple hours but my oven wont keep even temps due to bad sensors or electronics.

Thanks for any input in advance guys...I know it's kinda short notice.

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Man that is one ugly brisket. Can see why the ugly words were said! I'm gonna let the pros com in on this one!

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Ugly for the moment. Later, a thing to behold!

As for salt, it is a big chunk of cow, so some is certainly needed, but, if you go minimum salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder, you'll likely not need for salt. Others can add if needed.

If you're only feeding a couple or four people, cut off the excess, square the rest and then grind the leftover with some sirloin for absolutely great burgers.
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My only question is what did you pay for it /lb?

It was $4.49/lb...which aint bad for this area.

mr mac mr mac its just me here so nobody else to worry about. I was planning on doing 1/4 salt to 3/4 pepper instead of the normal 1/2 & 1/2...cause I like it peppery too.

No grinder either.
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OK...well it wasn't a total disaster but still glad it wasn't a get together. Like said...oogli brisket is still brisket. I have a lot of thin nichrome wire so I ran some through the cut stitching it together. It worked well as the meat stuck itself together. And yes I pulled out EXACTLY the same length of wire that went in.

The flat turned out OK and with some really crispy edges which I like...not kosher I know but I likey. The point was good but seemed to suck in more salt than the flat. The flat is the perfect amount of saltiness for me. I did get to rest the flat in a cooler for 4 hours before going in the fridge. I didnt get pics before that cause I didnt want to unwrap it just for that. So thats why it looks like it does in the pics below.

So I got 3.75 lbs of sliced up flat and 2.5 lbs of BE's in the freezer for future quick fixes. I used my Krups slicer for some nice thin slices like from a deli.

Thanks for the input on to the pics..........




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