Need help with my smoker build!

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Oct 13, 2017
Im new to this group and to building smokers. Im a tradesman and i picked a 2ft diameter by 34" stainless steel Piece of ductwork that im trying to make in to a smoker... ive attached a photo.
So I have a few plans, im going to run expanded steel across the bottom 10 inches up. Then i was going to make an adjustable air control at the bottom and a smoke stack with a removable lid on top. The middle of the duct is going to be the top (the way it sits in the picture) i have a stainless lid with a handle and 2 stainless caps for the sides...
Heres where i need help. Ive ben doing a lot of reading on smokers and it seems that i would need a fire box.... i was originally planning on putting the wood chips on the bottom, bad idea? So basically im looking for suggestions on how to make this work well as a smoker. I also have a 3'X12" piece of the same kind of duct that i could attach to the side for a fire box. Heres a few questions i have, What size would i have to cut it down, how would i construct the inside, where exactly should it be mounted and how should it be attached, do i even need the fire boc....Any help/ suggestions on how to make this work would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm no expert and you don't say what kind of smoker your wanting to build, but I would seriously look at making a modified uds ( ugly drum smoker) there is a whole forum on this site with plenty of info good luck.
Im not exactly sure what kind i want.... i would just like to smoke pork/chicken/anything on my days off.
Anything can be turned into a smoker cardboard box, bbq grill, and yes there is a few file cabinet smokers on here. Go to the menu bar on the home page and search uds. Once you have an idea we can help more the reason I recommend the uds is cost and the materials you already have. To cook most meats you need to be able to achieve temps about 225f to 325f or so hotter for the poultry. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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