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  1. H

    60 Gal Offset build - Technical questions

    Hi SMFs! I've spent the last week or so reading through as many posts here on the forum as I could find. I am at a crossroads in designing my build, and would like to come to the hive mind for help. I followed @daveomak 's calculator to a T, and came up with what I think is a really neat...
  2. Daba's BBQ

    Paint peeling off of the Firebox of my brand new offset smoker

    I just got a new offset as a gift. I fired it up to season it and sprayed all interior parts for a light coating of canola oil I placed about one pound of lump charcoal and a small chunk of wood in the firebox. I opened both vents about 35-40%. The twmp hit around 350, then dropped to about...
  3. S

    Help. What steel to use?

    Hey all so I need to pick your brains regarding steel choices. Steel choices so I’ve been in contact with several steel suppliers here in the uk and I’ve been able to source 1/4” steel. Black Mild Steel Sheet But now I’m being offered black mild steel sheet, which as I understand is hot...
  4. bbqchris52

    BBQ Guru Fan Placement

    Hey guys! I just bought an Oklahoma Joe bandera smoker and am in the process of making all of my modifications before seasoning it. I have a BBQ guru with a pit bull fan that I use on my Oklahoma joe longhorn. However, I am having trouble deciding where I should drill into the firebox on my new...
  5. S

    New Smokehouse build

    Hello all! I've read a lot on this forum but this is my first time posting. I'm planning on doing a pretty decent size smokehouse build come the spring and I can't seem to find much on the size of the firebox to build to make a hot smoke smokehouse. Let me explain what I'm trying to do and...
  6. M

    Another question about the Oklahoma Joe's Highland firebox

    So here is the deal. I know this has been asked and all the threads I read tend to give me a different answer so I wanted to though this out there. I bought An OJ Highland lastnight online and am waiting for it to be delivered. 2 things I want to do during assembly is the seal the 2 halves on...
  7. S

    Best way to span fire brick across the top of the firebox?

    I am designing a custom brick offset smoke and has been a while since I worked with firebrick.... ,my last experience was building a Rumford and I used some throat pieces that had a 1/2 steel angle iron threaded through it. I saw some custom builds here and some folks us a steel plate to cover...
  8. G

    Gator Pit Party Gator with Rock's BBQ Stoker included pick up in So Cal

    Gator Pit offset smoker is a few years old but in great condition. It has many extras like Adjustable tuning plates, Charcoal basket with T-plates, Brass ball valve grease drain, ash rake, stoker fan blower adaptor w/ probe vent. Check out the website for all the details...
  9. socalbbq

    Brinkmann Trailmaster LE - firebox rebuild

    In search of suggestions on getting the firebox of my Brinkmann rebuilt. Over the years, certain areas has metal worn thin. Has anyone had the firebox rebuilt on their offset smoker? Grateful for any suggestions.
  10. T

    Hello Smokin’ Smokers from Oakland, CA

    Hi All, I’m new to SMF and it looks like a great community! I am originally from Texas but now live in Oakland, CA. Just got an Oklahoma Joe offset smoker and today will be only my 3rd official smoke (although I did smoke a brisket once on my charcoal Weber dome). I’m still a novice, so any...
  11. C

    Best Recycled Items for Building a Firebox?

    Hello, I'm new here and excited to join the forum. What are some of the best recycled items you've seen used to build a firebox for a standard offset smoker?
  12. firewater joe

    Traeger Firebox

    I see a lot of questions about problems with heat generation. Certainly the shutdown cycle is important to ensure it's working; to facilitate 'as advertised' operation next time. I've had my smoker for about 4 mos now. I've had some intermittent issues with start up, but once it's going, it's...
  13. A

    Need help with my smoker build!

    Im new to this group and to building smokers. Im a tradesman and i picked a 2ft diameter by 34" stainless steel Piece of ductwork that im trying to make in to a smoker... ive attached a photo. So I have a few plans, im going to run expanded steel across the bottom 10 inches up. Then i...