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  1. DailyLunatic

    DIY ECA (Encapsulated Citric Acid)

    In another thread I asked about ways to get ‘tang’ into snack sticks. Cut to the chase, being a newbie, I’m nervous about doing fermentation. Unfortunately, as explained in that thread, ECA is extremely expensive here in Thailand. So I’ve decided to give DIY a go. Can’t find any existing DIY...
  2. F

    Burger Meat Ratio

    Hello, I'm going to be making my own ground meat for burgers! My thought is to use a mix of Ribeye, Prime Rib, and Baby-Back Rib meat. What would YOU suggest as the best ratio for the meats? I love my burgers to be as rich and juicy as possible. Was considering doing 2 parts Ribeye 1 part...
  3. Majja13

    How to use a CampChef 18: SV to cold smoke

    My thoughts wile I am waiting to get the new pellet rig, I have always wanted to venture into the realm of cold smoke ( cheese, meats and yes BACON) I know there are a million one ways probably to do this. What was I thinking was kind of using a A-Maze-N tube or maze in the wood trey on my SV to...
  4. Torc

    DIY grills & smokers

    Having always been one to find ways around stretching my hobby allowance I keep an eye out for curbside goodies or ideas I can manage. For fire cooking, I have a 3 rim grill with the grate from a recently acquired Char-broil Patio Bistro. Cost: $0 Landed a Brinkman vertical charcoal smoker for...
  5. R

    Something different

    So this is my first attempt at a home built smoker. I would like to do something different, and this is what i came up with. Not really sure where to put it as there was no submenu for vertical smokers. Please let me know what you guys think of it. Whether you like it, or think it's shite, all...
  6. J

    Horizontal Smoker Build

    Hi, I'm brand new here! I'm considering building this smoker from brickwood ovens - However, I have two concerns about the design, and would appreciate any feedback from any more experienced pit masters or DIY'ers. 1) The fire...
  7. RayheronC

    Some questions on my build..

    Howdy fellow smokers. I just became a member here, and I'm also new to the smoking world. I've been wanting to get into it for a while now, as I'm a big fan of cooking on the grill. So I bought some supplies to start a basic 55 gal drum smoker, then decided I want to make a separate wood...
  8. T

    Thoughts? Rotisserie Build, Henny Penny Parts

    Hi all, I've got the central drive tube and side discs from a Henny Penny chicken rotisserie, but no baskets or spits (if that makes sense). Which is kind of a score. But, at the same time, there are potential drawbacks to using that drive tube, namely that it seems way too short for most pigs...
  9. T

    First Smoker Build - Holding Cabinets to DIY Electric Smokers?

    Hi all, I recently picked up two used Cres Cor aluminized steel holding/proofing cabinets-- they were supposed to come with the heating element and control box at the bottom, but after I had already paid for them and when I came to pick them up, guess what? No heat box. Also, they had been...
  10. titi cold smoke

    HELP my smoke generator don't smoke !

    Hi! I made this generator, and I use it with oak wood chips. The problem is that the wood chips go out very fast. And there is very little smoke. What is the problem? The pump? The chips? the pipes? Thank you for your answers.
  11. A

    Need help with my smoker build!

    Im new to this group and to building smokers. Im a tradesman and i picked a 2ft diameter by 34" stainless steel Piece of ductwork that im trying to make in to a smoker... ive attached a photo. So I have a few plans, im going to run expanded steel across the bottom 10 inches up. Then i...