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need help at the Jack in lynchburg

Discussion in 'Upcoming/Recurring BBQ Competitions (KCBS or Other' started by 5960, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. 5960

    5960 Newbie

    I need some help at the jack invite next weekend. Have a Chef coming over from Germany that wants to cook with me and is being taped for tv,problem is we have no equipment there. I do own a bbq rest. in pa but cannot drag anything down with me.CAN ANYONE HELP US OUT. 

    Please send me a PM if you are able to help.


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  2. Phil what team are you cooking with?
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  3. 5960

    5960 Newbie

    not cooking on a team.Helping a chef from Germany doing a tv segment on bbq. so I am trying to find a smoker and or a potable kitchen to borrow or rent for the weekend.The smokers at my restaurant are not potable any ideas where or who I can contact
  4. I saw a 18" WSM at Lowes. They are VERY portable and reasonably priced. Harry Soo cooks an entire 4 category contest on one 18" WSM. He even did an entire contest on a 14.5" mini WSM.

    Hope to see you there!
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  5. smokeusum

    smokeusum Smoking Fanatic

    How exciting!!! How you got everything pulled together in time!! That was a serious mega event!!!