Family in Need

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We have weekly food drives and various events throughout the year that all the proceeds go to the kids or the homeless. There are many children here that the only meal they get is at school. They are in the process of setting up a homeless camp WITH, running water & restrooms. The county is covering the cost. The rest is up to the residents of Highlands county, and the one’s who can afford it have been very generous. My little community has raised over $100,000 for Highlands county charities. These days with everyone pretty much feeling a bit pinched, you have to choose your causes. Thank you for what you are doing!
If there is ever a need that we can help with let me know.

Also if they ever do any type of bbq fundraiser let me know and if I can take off a few days ill come down and help.

Thanks Al
If there is ever a need that we can help with let me know.

Also if they ever do any type of bbq fundraiser let me know and if I can take off a few days ill come down and help.

Thanks Al
That just shows what kind of man you are Brian. You would take off work to help out the homeless & children of Highlands county. Which is about a 5 hour drive away I think, & if the opportunity comes up, you will get a call!
Just an update for those interested…. Text via Clay!

From Lexi…




Thank you for all the support… it’s beyond appreciated!
That is one brave young man, and I admire him and his family very much. I have sent a contribution with the info Brian gave me. I hope to make it a monthly thing, given they will be there for so long; I imagine Justin won't mind being the intermediary. If I miss a month Justin, send me a reminder!
Thanks for the update Justin and sending prayers their way. He, and the family, are mighty brave as they face this long battle.
Send me an address for them when you get a chance and we'll try to send them some more encouragement.

Keith, Uncle Clay is gonna find out some of Manny's interests so then we can pass that onto anyone that wants to draw or color him pictures.
Will have to find out if they can be sent to them or not because of immune issues.
I'll find out.

Just a bump for this thread.

Our family are supporters of St Jude. Just a quick story, My mother passed away a few years back. While she was in the hospital she asked me if I would mail the items she had to mail (she was headed to the post office to mail when she fell) and had to go to the hospital. I went to get those things the next day. About 6 items, bills, etc.... but there was also her envelope with her donation to St. Judes. :emoji_hearts:

They do great work and sending nothing but positive vibes to Manny and his family.
I cannot tell you all how much the support for Lexi and Manny is appreciated… SO much!

Uncle Clay said you all are nothing short of amazing for your generosity… be it financially, prayers or both!

So I do have some info and I am really sorry for the delay… it took a bit to get the info and make sure they could receive mail! Apparently they have a process they follow so they can accept it!

So according to Uncle Clay… Manny’s likes are Frogs, Lizards, Turtles, Mickey Mouse, Captain Underpants, fidget cubes, stuffed animals, Pokémon and blankets. His fav colors are blue and black!

So, if any of you have kids, grands, nieces, nephews or what have ya… maybe they could write him if they have the same interests or just a few words of encouragement would go a long way!

According to Clay, address has to be exact!

Emanuel Smith
c/o Manny
350 N. 3rd St.
Memphis, TN

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