Need Advice from the Wing Experts!

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For my 75th birthday I am having a Wingfest for my family.

With the help of several members I have mastered making crispy skinned wings on my Weber 22" Kettle and my Vortex.

I usually make a dozen wings for myself ( in about 45 minutes) but this time I will be smoking several dozen at the same time.

My question is: If I load up my kettle with wings will the cooking time increase? I know the Vortex throws out a ton of heat but will my cooking time still remain 45 minutes. My guess is no. Of course I will check with an instant read thermometer.

Thanks for any advice,

My guess is no.
That's a correct guess . Think " steam " . Like a crowded pan . You have your method , and I know it's good . I use a gas grill and a sheet pan lined with foil . Comes out like a fried wing , might not be what you're after .
I could do 2 pans on the bottom . Wings are dusted with flour . Like said , might not be what you're after , but can get several on there .
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Well , I don't use a vortex , so maybe a mass of wings won't be a problem .
I have my methods , but they really don't fit the question .
I guess if I was going to do a bunch on a kettle I would cook indirect until almost done . Pull those off and do the next batch the same . Then when all batches were almost done I would throw them all back on , and be the happy flipper until they were all to your liking .
I've cooked a lot of wings on the kettle with the vortex. Most of the time it's 20-24 Costco wings (2 packs) and your time of 45 minutes is pretty much the same for me. Sometimes a bit faster.
I've packed it tight a couple of times but that was only one more pack so maybe 34-36 wings. Time was the same.
As long as they are in a single layer I don't think your time will change much. The challenge will be getting more on the grate.
One thing I have done when cooking some wings for the guys at the shop is to make them in batches. It means 3 guys eat and 3 more have to wait an hour but it works because we all can't eat at the same time anyway. When I've done this the second round takes a little longer as the charcoal is burning up and it's not quite as hot. A third round would require more charcoal in my opinion.
You might could try cooking a batch and holding in an oven while you cook more but I have not tried this. Might not be as crispy but could still be acceptable. If you have time you could try it with a small batch and find out.
BTW. Happy Birthday ya old fart!
Happy Birthday buddy. I agree with cpt and would do them in batches. I'd still get as many as I could in there at a time, but I wouldn't want them all bunched up. This is the ONLY possible gripe with doing wings with a vortex. You do leave a bit of grill real estate open where you can't put the wings. Good luck.
I don't think it'll take any longer. You're not impeding the intake or exhaust at all. One suggestion I do have: Use two grates if you have two. When the first grate is just about done cooking load the next batch of wings up on the second grate and then just swap the grates. You'll save time loading and unloading. Just make sure you have some good heat resistant gloves.

Happy Birthday John,

Looks like you got a ton of advice.
Happy Birthday and enjoy the time with family!

Thanks guys! 6GRILLZNTN 6GRILLZNTN gmc2003 gmc2003 JLeonard JLeonard . And a special thanks to cptnding cptnding . Seems that your advice has come from the actual experience of doing a large batch of wings on the Kettle. Maybe I will treat myself to a new Kettle (26incher) for my birthday and load that baby up!

Thanks again guys for the birthday greetings as well,

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Just ordered my new 22" Weber Kettle and The Vortex.

I think I have got the situation covered now.

With two grills and Vortexs cranking out wings, I should have enough for the whole gang to enjoy and wish me an appropriate happy birthday. . .LOL!
Yikes!!!!!! I just priced a 26" Weber Kettle and cannot believe the additional cost for another 4 inches.
I'm better off buying another basic 22" Kettle with another Vortex. Problem solved!

Happy 4th of July everyone,

I know the price is a little much, but that 4" is bigger then it sounds.


Don't care. . .I am not paying $430 for a Weber Kettle grill.

But thanks for the picture,

I don't blame you at all John. They're getting a bit pricey these days. My wife bought mine in 2018, and it wasn't that bad then. I think mid-$200s.

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