Flat Rotisserie Basket

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Jul 3, 2021
Bought one for the kettle to try different things, so here's my unsolicited $.02. Actually chopsaw chopsaw asked me to post my thoughts. I completely forgot until today so my apologies for the delay.

I only have one beef with it. The spit runs thru the inside of the basket. Albeit it to one side and not directly down the center. Now, for doing wings it really didn't bother me, but it might have if I had decided to completely separate the wings into drums and flats... I'm guessing I could get a couple more in there were that the case.

It's too small to do whole racks of ribs, but you could easily slice them into portions, but again that darn spit would bother me. I'm betting they would cook just fine, but I don't see why the spit couldn't be outside the basket. I'm betting at some point there will come a time when it interferes with what I want to use it for, but we'll just have to wait and see what that turns out to be. At 13.9"X 7.48" X 2.2" it's about as big as it could be for the standard issue 22" kettle. It could be a little wider I suppose but I don't think it would be that much more of an improvement. Other than that it is pretty much what I was expecting.

I cut the tips off, and still managed to get 10 whole wings in.



The only other thing I would mention is making certain the removable grate is securely in place at all 4 points before you start spinning. I didn't get a pic, but one side somehow escaped me while I was walking out to the grill with it.


This is the onlyfire brand and I think it was $28 at the bezos flea market, but after looking around today to see if I could locate one with the spit mounts outside I found several that were far cheaper and as far as the pics go identical. I'm happy with it but am going to try doing some sectioned up baby backs and a few other things just to see. No finished pics of the wings, bu they were tasty with nice crisp bite thru skin. Also, I did the cook with the lid on. Anyhow... enjoy the day and thanks for looking.
Nice write up ! Thanks a bunch . Opened my eyes to the rod going through the middle . I knew it did , but I see it looks like it completely divides it in 2 , blocking the middle space .
I mainly wanted it to do chicken parts , or a Huli Huli chicken type thing .
You paid 28 bucks , they've came down in price . Last time I looked they were around 40 .
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