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My Tri-Tip - Brought over from another site.


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[h2]Brought this over from another site, not sure if thats OK, so if it isn't please delete. I used to hang out somewhere else. LOL[/h2][h2]  [/h2][h2]My first Beef Smoke - Tri Tip[/h2]
Hello everyone. I introduced myself a couple weeks ago, and was just fixing to smoke my first piece of beef. I had smoked a shoulder that came out really very good, and a chicken that was ok. Everyone told me that i needed to post some pics, so this is my picture thread. Well if i can get them to work i guess. Here goes.

My 3.5 pound Tri-Tip.

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I started marinating this on Thursday afternoon in prep for smoke on Friday, but something came up, so it was marinating until Saturday morning. I used a mixture of KC Masterpiece steakhouse marinade and some Jim Beam bourbon. When i pulled it out of the marinade, i rubbed it with some smokey mesquite seasoning mix, fresh pepper, and brown sugar i had mixed up together. I found the recipe in another post.

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Went on the CG Duo, using some cowboy mesquite wood chunks i got from lowes. Worked out alot better with the chunks than those little pieces i usually use.

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Hanging out on the deck, drinkin' some beers with my helpers.

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Heat was right between 235 and 250 for the cook chamber, monitored by my brandy new maverick ET-733. I bought it because of all the negative reports about the CG's factory Thermy. My thermometer on the grill is actually spot on. Before my first cook, which was my pork, i installed an aftermarket thermometer in the lid at grate height. It took like 14 hours to cook that shoulder, which was way longer than i was expecting. I used the temps from the newly installed aftermarket thermometer, and it turns out to be 100 degrees low. So, thats why it took so long. Whoda Thunk right?! LOL
Tri-Tip was on for right at about 3 hours. Pulled it at an internal temp of 135, Tented it as was suggested to me by Mr. Pigcicles, and let it rest for about 35 minutes or so until my wifes potatoes were done. You wouldn't believe how much beer golden retrievers can drink in 3 hours, must have been them, i wouldn't drink that much. 
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Here it is sliced up ready to eat. The marinade and rub were delicious, and the meat was super tender and juicy. Everyone loved it, and i will do it again for sure. Next i will try a brisket. I didn't know thet were so expensive though. I looked at one at the meat marked, they wanted 6.99 a pound whole, or 8.99 a pound if i had them open it u, and cut it in half. Thats originally how i ended up with the tri-tip. LOL

Here it is.

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Sounds like a winner TT

I been seeing lots of new members here on SMF that were on other forums. It happens.

Smoke On


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Nice TT. I fixed the pictures in your post so that they didn't link to the other site where you have to login to see things.

Welcome to SMF.


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Looks tasty,who doesn't love a nice TT!


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Welcome aboard!

Great looking TT!

Nice job!



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Welcome brother..
Hey I have a CG trio sitting on my deck also. That's how is started 4 yrs and 3 smokers ago
Well done


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The briskets cheaper at Winco - I don't know if you have those there? It makes for a good smoke - 5.99/lb.

the brisket for me is much much easier - I have a recipe / method if you care to know. Never fails.

For tri-tip, I like to take it off at 135, then char up both sides, get it a little better bite too - IMHO, its a little stringy at 135 for the Tri-tip, but we like it more medium.

Welcome aboard!

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