My first try at beef Brisket

Discussion in 'Beef' started by walleyebob977, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Got my smoker about a month ago its a smoky hollow got it at gander and seems to do a good job.  By the pics looks like it got a good smoke ring and it was outstanding i thought for my first time. One question i ran the internal temp to 170 before taking it off i read some where your should run the temp up to 180 to 190 they said at that temp the meat breaks down and gets really tender any ideas on that this little guy took like 6 1/2 hrs to do. and help would be great thanks

    walleye bob[​IMG]
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    Looking pretty good.  I pull brisket to slice at about 190-193 F and to pull apart over 200F.  You should also place your brisket after pulling from the smoker in a insulated container like a cooler and cover with towels to let rest at least 45 min.  It will stay hot that way for many hours and will redistibute the moisture and become very tender. 
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    X3 -- Shooter is right on the money!  Please check in at Roll Call so we can give ya a proper welcome!
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    Looks great walleye. Makes me hungry...............I found 190F works great on my brisket.......
  6. scrappynadds

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    Looks great but i would also like to know about finishing them on the grill
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    Awesome smoke ring for sure [​IMG][​IMG]

            [​IMG]  to SMF
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    Welcome to SMF! Would you please update your profile info to include your location, then head on over to roll call & introduce yourself so we can all give you an SMF welcome. Thanks!
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    great looking brisket for your first try.  nice smoke ring you got the smoke to penetrate pretty deep
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    Great looking Brisket - nice smoke ring 

    Like Al said, please swing over to roll call and introduce yourself so we can give you a welcome 

    Also - please update your profile with your location 

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    looks great welcome
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    Wow very nice!
  13. Thanks everyone  Just Roll called myself.  Took some to work today and I think the guys where mad I didnt bring more.  Thanks for the tips and what temp to bring up to.

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    Looks good!

    With briskies, I also sometimes check with a temp probe or even a toothpick.  It should go in with almost almost no resistance.  If that happens, you know you are there and no need to worry about drying out the meat.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    [​IMG]  X5

    Very nice looking smoke ring. Your first brisket looks better then my first did.
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    X6 it looks great

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