My first smoked meatloaf

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Jul 16, 2006
Northern NY (Adirondacks)
Howdy folks,

Smoked my first meatloaf this afternoon. A two pounder. It took about 5 hours at 220F with cherry smoke to 140F. Final temp was 165F. Texture was great. Smoke flavor added to my already great meatloaf fetish. I'm already looking forward to the sandwiches. Glaze was my BBQ Sauce (Jack Daniels Original and Gios mixed 2-1) thinned with a little apple juice and Jack Daniels Old #7.

Whole Loaf

Sliced and waiting

Hope you all have a Smokey weekend,

Good looking meatloaf Meowey, I'm doing a butt this weekend and may throw a meatloaf in to take sandwiches to work next week. :D
Fine looking meatloaf! I have yet to do a smoked meatloaf. With a limited budget for the rest of this upcoming week, I think I'll do one. I need to dig up a good recipe from the forum...
Good looking meatloaf...getting me hungry....right now I'm waiting on a brisket thats been going all day...took forever to get past the dead later...

Awesome!! Looks wife and I were just talkin about smokin one........................lookin at that, I have to real soon. YUMMY :D
Oh man, that's a mighty fine looking meatloaf! And looking at those pics right before lunch just made me drool! Thanks for sharing - I will try my 1st real soon. I got my hands on some cherry wood, so there we have it - smoked meatloaf for supper tomorrow night! Tonight however, will be NY Strips with loaded potato and salad ...MMM MMMM MMMMMM!
Smoked a meatloaf a couple of Sunday's back and the neighbor was surprised that I would smoke something "so lowly as a meatloaf". He changed his mind when I gave him a small sample! :mrgreen: And the guys at work wouldn't let me eat my meatloaf sammiches in the office-made me go down to the lunch room (ain't no way to treat the boss :( ) Said it smelled better than what they had-so to get even for being banished from the office, I use to office microwave to heat up the sammich and melt the cheddar cheese that was on it!! :twisted: is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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