My first attempt at CB

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Dec 27, 2010
Using Shooter's CB recipe I let the 5lb. pork loin cure for 9 days.  Yesterday I smoked it in my MES 40 using my new Amazn Smoker.  I smoked it at 250 for 3 hrs. l5 min. to an internal temp. of l62.  using the meat probe on the MES 40 and double checking it with my thermopen, the meat probe was very accurate.   I let it cool and foiled it and placed in frig. overnight.  Had some for breakfast this morning, very tasty.  I just used the setting on the MES 40 as my Mav.
ET 73 is not in yet but should be here this week. I ordered it from Todd at A-MAZE-N-SMOKER. 

I used the A-MAZE-N Smoker for the first time the 6 by 8 and it worked great, but it did jump over on the first turn so I got double smoke for the last hour or so.This did not create a problem as the CB was not to smokey.

Is there a way to prevent the fire from jumping over other than leaving one of the channels empty?

No pictures on this post. My digital camera is not working.
it doesn't happen to me to often but it has before........i just chock it up to more smoke.
i havent had that happen to me yet. I just make sure that there is a good amount of the maze walls sticking up above the dust. i use a butter knife to level out and then a nice tamp or two on each side to get the dust to settle. Not sure if you do it this way, but give it a try. Also, where in the MES are you putting the AMNS? I put mine to the left of the chip drawer close to the left wall. 

I possibly had the dust to deep, I actually filled it and packed with my thumb then added some more and packed again.  I put it on the two rails to the left of the smoke box.
When you're running that high, there is a chance of it jumping through.

If I'm smoking that hot, I just fill the outside rows & light them for now, but Todd is working on that problem.

They never were meant to smoke that hot with.

Right now I'm test driving a problem solver he is working on. I'm in my 4th hour at about 270˚, and no burn through.

I think he'll have that thing nailed down shortly, and I hope he doesn't get mad at me for this security leak.

Meanwhile, use it for what it was designed for (under 200˚), or if you use it at higher temps, and you do get burn through, just use the outside rows, until Todd comes to the rescue.

Without getting technical................

The AMNS was created because of a need for "Cold Smoking".  I sent 15 prototypes out last March & April for testing.  The guys gave me some great feedback and some guys found it useful for supplying smoke at higher temps.  At temps above 180°, the fire can jump thru the dividers and into the next row.  This is why the instructions say to keep the middle row empty.  This prevents the entire thing from burning up.  You should get approx. 3 hours out of (2) full rows of sawdust @ 200°+.  When it's done, light the other (2) rows.

I've been working on a new version of the AMNS that will burn well during "Hot Smoking", but still retain it's ability to burn for 8-10 hours for "Cold Smoking".  After "Hundreds" of hours of testing, I think I found the solution.  I've been consistently getting 6+ hours of good smoke @ 275°. 

It's a very simple modification to the unit!!!  This means that every previous AMNS sold can be retrofitted with this simple mod.

I've got a few of these prototypes out for testing and Bear got one over the weekend.  We'll just have to see what Bear's conclusion is!!!

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I would like to thank everyone for their input.  This was only my fourth smoke on the MES 40, that I got for Christmas and my first time to use the A-Maze-N and I am very pleased with both.

I am also very happy that I found this website and forum.  There's a lot of great information and everyone has been very helpful.

Well I'm really glad that your bacon was pretty good and I hope you fix that camera soon too. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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