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my dream but omg it was so good


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um well i know the rules. if you dont have q view it didnt happen.
 so um here is the dream i had sautrday and sunday.
  you guys and gals had a brine recipie on  here and i copied it down, tried it not to sweet and very simple. i liked it so we asked ourselves if it will work with a turkey? however far enough out i didnt want to have turkey twice in one month so i got some 10lb chickens from a butcher. (for those in utah its main street meats off of main and 2700s) anyway totaly blew my mind.  made up the brine and put in sir chicksalot in whole, and put in second fridge over night. (est time 1230pm) ..... drink, sex, sleep wake up late with a hangover
....sunday pull sir chickalot out of his bath, rinse him off get smoker rollin. but in my dream i stuffed half onion some fresh herbs from out herb garden, part of a lemon and a few cloves of garlic. ok rubbed and out to the smoke we go.....put sir chickalot on the grill pat em down one last time for good luck, stick a probe in em and go get some asprin my head is killing me..
 in my dream i noticed a few issues with my brink dual def even small needs a heat plate one side was getting done faster then the other so i had to turn em to even it out. ....fast forward 4.6 hrs or more......pulled our guest of honor from the grill at 165, let stand for 10 mins......here is where i found out the sons camera was dead to......
 so i plow into cutting apart the most juicy (even more then the beer can cousin of his) the most aromatic bird i have ever turned out.  the wife wants me to cook it like that more often.   so for the record my dream was so good she made sure we didnt eat it all so she could take some to her friends and brag.....
  thank you all for the awesome dream i had wish i could have had some view to share....(note: got the dam cameras on the chargers as we speak) 


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Well as a rule we do like look at smoked foods and most of us are really are addicted too it. Don't worry for you have a short time left before you are huddled up to the computer and looking for the food porn we all enjoy so so much. So the brine is nice I hope it was Tip's slaughter house brine cause if it wasn't. Then you need to try that one next. To me it's the best. So the first thing you need to do is go and get some batteries or a new camera for next time you will get the treatment.
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I love those dreams in technicolor  .They even smell and taste real.


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<snip>i didnt want to have turkey twice in one month so i got some 10lb chickens from a butcher. (for those in utah its main street meats off of main and 2700s) anyway totaly blew my mind. 
Yep, our family was very familiar with Main Street Meat-Way back when, we knew them as Main Street Poultry and every year we would smoke between 200-300 turkeys for their Thanksgiving and Christmas season sales. 

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