My 2nd ( really first ) Porkstrami , and I must say Glad I did it twice, Only took a little over a month to do.

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Excellent David!! I think I've been inspired...

Thanks Charles for the love and the comment

Glad you think that my post inspired you to maybe give it a whril :emoji_cloud_tornado::emoji_cloud_tornado:
It would be well worth it .

And on another note Charles , I have been to busy to get out fishing yet, but Mona's brother does a lot, and sent this into us. Thought you would like to see this.
3 nice fat trout , they were so good, i steamed them with S+P, onions and butter and a sprinkle of Thyme inside and out.
Little vinegar splashed on mine on the plate.



Now that was a good meal

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Porkstrami is underrated. I have made it once, but with the ample supply of wild game, I now usually make pastrami with game meat.

Oh- and that sandwich looks killer!! And congrats on the spinner ride. Great thread!

Thanks Keith for the like and the comment

Yes you are right it is not that common, I have only seen it on here until I started looking it up.
I have seen some of yours also and they look amazing.

The sandwich was very good for my breakfast the next morning. It is on the menu for tonight's supper for me.

Always an honour to make it to the carousel, thank you.

Great write up and the rest was just great work. I like porkstrami too!

Thanks Eric for the like and the comment

Yes I am a little long winded sometimes , but that's me.
It came out very nice and now it in in my list to have always in the freezer on hand for a quick sandwich.
It steams very well in the microwave in the vac seal bay with a couple drops of water.

Congrats on the feature
Still on the fence on this.
Got a half loin in the fridge planned for back bacon with the Eric SmokinEdge SmokinEdge Black Forest rub.

Thanks John for the comment

Yes thanks about the Carousal ride , always an honour.
This is very nice to do , but always another day.
I would do the Back Bacon with Eric's SmokinEdge SmokinEdge ,Black Forest rub , then do up a couple porkstramis next .

Nicely done David. Never thought about a loin. I usually shy away from them but looks like it makes great Porkstrami! I have a cured flat in freezer need to take out.

Thanks Brian for the like and the comment

I never did either until I noticed Wayne thirdeye thirdeye talking about it , so it had to be tried. Glad I did.
You should cure it like corned beef first ( with the spice profile ) and then smoke with a strami rub to become Strami

You have been doing some amazing cooks/smokes lately Brian. I know you should give this a whril :emoji_cloud_tornado::emoji_cloud_tornado:. You will love it

Thanks Chris for the love and the comment.

Yes the loins worked very well texture wise, just pulls apart very nice and tender , not like beef pastrami
that I find has a little more of a tug to it with all the fat and sinu to it.
As for the mustard, a friend just gave me that the other day, and glad he did. They are a small bakery about 3 hours from here. And it is fantastic. Reminds me of my Mustard seed caviar

Looks like I'll have to give this a shot. I have a few pork loin sections in the freezer.
Even my dog is drooling as I scrolled the pictures.

Well done

Thank you for the like and the comment

That is funny, It was a nice batch of porkstrami.
And I noticed a few more packs went out the door this weekend, so more people also must think it is good.

I better start another batch.

Looks great and a fantastic write-up too. 👍

Thanks Wayne for the love and the comment

Nice of you to say as I took your lead on this for the pork, as I have done Al's SmokinAl SmokinAl way with an eye of round.
But the pork I followed your way. It is very nice , and I will do pork this way again.

As for the write up, I do get long winded sometimes , as no one can interrupt me in typing lol

Thank you

Looks awesome David and man that sandwich looks good! Adding this to the growing summer list.

Thanks Jeff for the love and the comment

It was a good batch of porkstrami, and the sandwiches ( I have had a couple now ) fantastic

With all the PP you just did, you you need a rest anyway, so throw some pork in a bucket to corn, and let it ride for a couple weeks, lol

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