Mule's smoked brisket in the new delux UDS with AMNPS with lots of Qview

Discussion in 'Beef' started by themule69, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. they say if you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen. so i will go outside with a [​IMG].  i am doing the final burn on my new UDS build with a divorced ammo box for my AMNPS

    here are pics of the build.

    i still have a little more to add to the UDS but it is time to see if it will smoke.

    here is the sauce i made today. i know some people say no sauce. i am a sauce on the side kinda guy. i guess i go both ways.

    look at the texture of it.  that will make you like sauce. even if your not a sauce'r

    i would love to tell you about the sauce. but since i started with Tulsa Jeff's recipe then tweaked it. i can't

    this is what's left of the rub. it is a brown sugar base. so you have to stay slow and low to keep it from burning..

    the slather is going on. this is the base coat. if you will notice their is a rack in the bottom of the foil pan.

    i want bark all the way around it.

    now it has slather

    now in the fridge till tomorrow night. i don't know anyone who would break in a new smoker with an overnight brisket. I'm going to light it. dial it in while i have a [​IMG]  then put it on the honer system and walk away. we will see what happens.

    happy smoken.

  2. daveomak

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    Looks good Mule.....   [​IMG]  .....
  3. thanks Dave i hope it isn't stubborn like my butt. I'm betting it will be great. what ever happens I'll post pics. good bad or other,

    happy smoken.

  4. well i said i would post pics good bad or ugly. this is not the way i expected the smoke to go.

    got a call from a tree pro cutter. he had a tree cut down with bees. he took 60 or so stings. and the tree was in the front yard of his customer. needed the bees gone.

     so i went to load up. this pic is my bees swarming. so i stopped and told them to come home. they are in a hive tonight,

    did i mention honey in my sauce. yes i have honey in my sauce. sometimes fresh.

    here is the fresh. not a good pic.

     this is my homade "BEE ZOO"  i can vac them out of the tree/ floor/ wall. straight into a hive. note when you see bees in the discarge of the vac. you have the queen.

    then i get a call of a swarm. so i unload, and head to get them about dark. they are now in a cardboard box in the back of my wifes van. so this is the pics of my brisket. i guess i will smoke it  tomarrow.

    happy smoken.

    david. i sure do like my bees.
  5. OK back to the brisket. i fired the UDS up last night for the smoke. here are a few pics.


    rubbed and slathered

    getting the AMNPS going with apple.

    about 2/3 charcoal going.

    about 3/4 basket of briquet's  and lump charcoal. with a couple of chunks of apple and hickory mixed in.

    getting the basket going.

    AMNPS ready to go.

    everything going.

    you can see the smoke entering from the right.

    260 deg. so I'm going to put the brisket on. then dial in the temp.

    brisket is on.

    this morning after about 12 hours. put the temp Gage in. temp is 155

    stirred the coals and letting it smoke. not sure how long it is going to take. i guess it will tell me when it is done.

    more to come later.

    happy smoken.

  6. fwismoker

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    Mule this brings up a question i had.  Why are you using  "auxiliary" smoke to your UDS when it already cooks with wood?  I was assuming it was because you don't have a way to add wood chunks to keep the smoke going later in your smoke and you start up the AMPS at that point?
  7. so i can keep the smoke going all night without adding anything. i know i can mix chunks in with the charcoal. but since i made the smoke box and have a AMNPS i'm going that way.
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  8. fwismoker

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    I'm planning on eventually building a UDS and i was thinking on putting an access door on it to add wood chunks on long cooks but i like your concept of auxiliary smoke.  I might just attach my Smoke Daddy to the bottom  and just let the smoke draft in on all nighters.   
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  9. i thought about an access door. my main purpose of the build was i saw the barrel just sitting there and needed a cold smoker. didn't have time for a smokehouse build. had most of the stuff to build a UDS so here we are. a link to the build is at the top of this thread.

    happy smoken.


  10. i don't see anything wrong with that for a first smoke in a new has nice color, good bark. great flavor. i used the toothpick test to see when to call if done. i pulled it at 187 IT. covered it with foil.(i didn't cover it in foil, while it was on the smoker) wrapped it in towels for 3 hours. then sliced it all up. total cook time was 15.5 hours it was just shy of 9 lbs before smoking.

    happy smoken.

  11. Great looking brisket and looks like it was a very successful run with the UDS!!!!
  12. 05sprcrw

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    That brisket looks awesome!
  13. bruno994

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    Very nice results.
  14. thank you everyone for your kind words. it sure does taste good. now what should i smoke? i have bacon in cure. but that is a week away.

    happy smoken.

  15. seenred

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    Looks great, Mule!  Really nice smoke ring and bark, I'd say that new UDS is a success!

  16. i haven't ever used a Smoke Daddy, but i think it would work great in a UDS. i know my AMNPS sure does the trick. i can hot or cold smoke with it.

    happy smoken.

  17. thanks Red i am pleased with the results.

    happy smoken.

  18. woodcutter

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    Your brisket looks amazing!
  19. dewetha

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    I'd eat that! looks great and has me really mulling over making a UDS!
  20. the UDS is an easy build for someone who wants a nice smoker. it doesn't take many tools or much time to make a basic UDS. i have built a few stick burners and they take a lot more tools and time. also more money.

    happy smoken.


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