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  1. well the weather turned out nice for the first time in a while. so i got the car out and cleaned it up some for the upcoming car show season. there set a drum so decided it is going to be a UDS. it has the dreaded red lining. so off to get some sand i go.

    here is what I'm starting with.

    it' late in the evening. so loaded some sand to test the red.

    yup it's "that red stuff" it is going to be as bad as i thought. oh well i will get it done tomorrow weather permitting.

    more to come.

    happy smoken.

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    David, Now I s'pose I have to get a sand blasting unit for home.... I love tools...... I'm getting close to winning the big one at the end of the road...   HAHAHA....

    The drum looks good... beats sanding by a bunch....  Dave
  3. yes it does beat sanding. but it will tell you real quick to get a bigger compressor.

    happy smoken.


  4. ok got a little time today to get a little more done. here is what i have so far

     got thru the big part of the red. it doen't want to come off. but i am going to make it come off.

    started on the outside. it is nothing like the red.

    got he holes drilled for the 3/4 pipe

    more pics to come. hot wings are done. have to eat.
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  5.  wings were good. now more pics

    i am working alone and my arms are not long enough to put the pipe in with nuts. so plan B welded them in.

    finished for the night. still have to add the thermometer. i think i will add more bolts for grates. i have room for 5 grates right now but i am going to add more. not that i think i will need them. but that way if i do smoke some jerky or what ever they will already be there. still have to build the charcoal basket. and add a 3/4 ball valve. then it's time to paint.

    also i sand blasted the bolts to get rid of the zinc.

    yes i am using sand. i know sand is not good for your lungs. i do have a good respirator. and a good hood.

    not sure what color to pain it. i have high temp gray and high temp black.

    i plan on most of the time cold smoking with my AMNPS. but i am sure it will get some hot smoking as well.

    when i get time i will build a smoke house. and a stick burner every time i build a stick burner i don't keep it.

    now for the tease picture. i found this the other day for a project i have planned. had to take it all. he wouldn't sell part of it.

    so who can guess what i planned on building when i bought it?

    the piece on the front of the trailer is 42" od x 5'  1/2" thick

    the other piece is 36" od x 10' 3/8" thick

    a piece of 8" od x 10' 1/2" thick

    and a couple of houndred feet of 3"x3"x 1/4" angle

    happy smoken.

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  7. Happy Easter everyone. got to do a little work on my UDS this afternoon. here is what. i did since i already had high temp black paint. black is what i used

    got it painted and a start on the coal pan.

    coal pan pan. still have to cut and tack the sides in. i started out with the angle in my blast cabinet.

    since that was going slow. i will hit it with sand when i get it finished. i decided to just tack the

    expanded metal in. so when it rust out. it will be easy to replace. if you will notice the paint on the

    expanded metal. it is Chevy orange. it was my paint stand for my engine build.

    note: uds is upside down

    it sure does take a lot of tools to make a UDS. OK it doesn't take many. but i have more fun the more

    tools i get to play with in a day.[​IMG]  [​IMG]  i don't have a [​IMG]  oh well it was still a

    good day

      later i will add up the price of all the tools i used on this build. i could have bought a Lang for sure.

    probably got a chef to cook for me[​IMG]. what fun would that be? i'd just have a[​IMG]

    happy smoken.

  8. Your valve ought to be at your location today or tomorrow
  9. Thanks again Smokin John for the valve.. mail already ran today. so it looks like tomorrow. so far this has been a cheap build. i think sand is the only thing i have had to go buy. the rest i already had on the shelf. i may have to buy a mailbox. i already have an ammo can. so i may look at it for my AMNPS.

    happy smoken.

  10. i got to do a little work yesterday before the rain started. i wish i had taken a pic of how i got the bends started. i don't have a slip roller. so i clamped the end of 3" x 1/8" bar stock to the outside of the drum. started bending it around the drum. clamping as i went. when i got to the end i put a ratchet strap around it. marked the end a little long. then removed it from the barrel by loosening the strap some. then loosened the strap a little more. cut the end off with chop saw. made a mark all the way around the steel using a combination square. that will let me get it to come out the way i wanted in the barrel. then i tightened the strap up some and started working it into the drum. after i got it all the way in and close to square. i clamped it in the middle and took the ratchet strap off. tack welded by clamp. then moved the clam a couple of inches and tack welded. kept doing that till i got to the end. then came back to the middle and worked the other direction. it worked out great.

    here are some pics.

    tacking it in place.

    got it all tacked up and lid on. nice fit.

    rain started so had to stop for the day. not sure if i will weld it out or use some kind of sealer to fill the little gap between

    the barrel and the is not much of a gap. but it will leak smoke. any suggestions?

    more to come.

    happy smoken.

  11. OK the clock is now ticking. i got a belly a little over 18# with the rind on. removed the rind. it is 13.5# using pops cure. i cut it onto 3 pieces.

    here is what 2 pieces look like.

    i will make pork rind pellets with the skin.  here is a link to my pork rind pellets.

    i have to get the UDS finished. so i can smoke the bacon. when it is cured. i did get the chance to work on it more yesterday. i ran out of time and now the rain and wind has moved in. i wanted to do a test burn on it then do this butt on it today.

    this is 6 hours in the BGE it is stalled @ 154deg


    the uds still needs paint and a couple more little touches.

    more pics to come.

    happy smoken.

  12. here are some more pics.

    this is what every UDS needs. a ammo can for the AMNPS.

    still more work to be done. but i could make smoke now if i had too!

  13. more pics

    if you will note the orange plugs on the UDS and the orange plug on the shelf. the plugs on the UDS are for a maverick at each grate level. the one on the grate is the one removed form the top grate hole. that way you have a place to store them when not in use. i will weld a small T handle on all plugs.

    the ammo box for my AMNPS ( you better bring your A game when you go to weld on an ammo box. it is thin)

    IT has a 3/4" street L welded to the top. to feed into the UDS. then the bottom has a 3/8"street L welded in. with

    a 3/8" ball valve. you can close off if you are not using the AMNPS. the inside of the box has been blasted of all

    paint. still have to blast the lid.

    ball valve on bottom of ammo box

    coal basket

    more to come in a few days.

    happy smoken.

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  14. well it is no longer scrap iron. it is now a smoker. still have more work to do on it. but it will make smoke.

    250 deg in just a few min. 1 chimney full of charcoal and some fist size chunks of wood. about 1/3 of the basket. rubbed down with oil.

    happy smoke.

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  15. with 3 valves open it went up to 400. then closed off 2. one 3/4 valve wide open. holding 240 deg after 1 hour. i'm going to let it run that way till it goes out. get a good seasoning on it.

    happy smoken.

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    Looks great Dave. Happy Smoking.

  17. thanks Chad.

    happy smoken.

  18. held 240 to 250 hands off for 7 hours. was about out of fuel, so i left it to burn out. not sure how long it went. got a good seasoning. doing another burn now with AMNPS burning.

     i will do a brisket overnight smoke tomarrow night. if it won't smoke a brisket. i guess it is still scrap iron.

    happy smoken.

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  19. more pics.

    Amnps in ammo box

    smoke entering the UDS from the Amnps


    test burn is going good.

    i have the brisket slathered and rubbed for tomorrow nights smoke.

    hope it turns out well.

    happy smoken.

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    I am building my first UDS this spring, one of my goals is to use it for cold smoking with my AMNPS. Why the separate box? Is it just for easy access? Is there any reason I can't load up the AMNPS and lower it to the bottom of the smoker?

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