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  1. dacdots

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    The wife and I are lucky enough to be going to the mountains of West Virginia for a week.Im going to do a little smoking,some sight seeing and maybe drink a beer or 48 followed by some Crown Royal.We are taking a break from whitewater rafting because the last time out I broke a finger and we are getting board of it after 10 trips.I havnt been on a horse for 35 years but by golly Im gona climb up on one for a ride to the top of Seneca Rocks,hope I dont fall off.This will be a well enjoyed dirversion as I lost my mother about six weeks ago.Time to rest the body and soal and Ive never found a better place for that than the beautiful mountains of WV,see ya in a week.
  2. monty

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    Please accept my most sincere condolences on the passing of your mother. Another of life's little challenges makes us face our own reality as well.

    Enjoy your vacation and come back recharged and hopefully looking forward to enjoying all that God has put before us.

    I'll say a prayer for your mother's soul and another one that hopefully you do not fall off a horse!

    Bless you, Brother!
  3. ultramag

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    Sorry to hear about your Mother dacdots. Enjoy your trip and hang to that horse tight!
  4. bigal

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    Sorry to hear about your Mother Dacdots. Well deserved trip your take'n.

    Beautiful pic of the mountains, I'm ready for fall.

    You need to come see the Rockies some time. That is where our family goes to really "relax". Mountains and small lakes filled w/trout. Can't wait til I can go. I hope to in the next 3-4 weeks. Smoke'n in the mountains, can't beat that.

    Take care

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