Best burger press ever!

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Jan 18, 2020
I've owned this for several years and while using it again yesterday I realized I've not shared my find, so here goes.
This thing rocks.
It makes 5.5 inch pattys and I like to use 5 ounce balls of burger meat.
To me that's the sweet spot, thickness to diameter ratio.


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Hmm.I bought an El cheapo plastic press years ago, and worked great until the handle broke when I dropped it. Never replaced it and just went back to using my hands. $23 might change that...
You have to pay attention when pressing or the patty will be tilted a bit.
No problem though, just rotate the press and press again to flatten.
I use a Pampered Chef silicone press and have it down to a science. I wish they had one with this larger diameter. I'll likely order this sooner or later lol. Can't resist
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Welp, thanks for spending 23 bucks for me, lol 😂. Might have to try this one. I do love new toys. Lol
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If we ever add on a main floor bedroom for us the addition will come with a dedicated room... meat grinder, slicer, vac sealer... you name it. And big enough for them to have there own dedicated space. It was my wife's idea... sure do love that woman!

I like to use 5 ounce balls of burger meat.
Smart . I weigh mine out also . 4oz. for a double stack smashburger .
My wife got into selling Pampered Chef a handful of years ago. She did pretty good with it. But I finally had to tell her. " we can't fit anymore s%!t in this kitchen, you have to stop."
I have several things from Pampered Chef . One of them is a burger press . Not marked , but I think it might be from them . I spent about an hour this morning rearranging Longaberger Baskets . I'm over run with those things .
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