"Meh" Rumper

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Original poster
Jan 3, 2017
Cleveland Ohio
Just ate some of the rump roast I put on this late morning. Smoked at 225 with cherry for two hours then bumped to 275 on the MES30. The rump was only like four pounds. Cooked to 145 IT because the Mrs likes a medium done steak. In hind sight I should have just put some back in for her. What I ended up with was a "Meh" result. Good flavor, good smoke taste, but somewhat tough and a little dry. Overcooked.

The bonus though, I cut up an onion and several small red potatoes and sprinkled with this seasoning and set a whole stick of butter on top and put that tray down as my drip pan. I'm happy with those results. Anyway, here's the Q-view
Never done a rump before looks pretty good! A great steak for the smoker is a Tri tip you can reverse sear if you want. The shape of the cut gets you multiple levels of doneness as well.
I also like putting them on the rotisserie!
A roast that size you can count on 10 degrees of carryover. Alway cook for the rare lovers and a few minutes in simmering Au Jus will make more well done beef...JJ
Carryover and simmering Au Jus... now that will make us both happy! Thank you for the tips gentlemen.

Now to find Tri-tip on sale...
One more note it appears from he photos that you sliced with the grain. Slicing across the grain will give you a piece that will be more tender even when over cooked.

I also vote for Tri tip. It's our go to roast.if you do go with Tri tip make sure you cut against the grain. The grain runs multiple directions on a Tri tip.

This video does a good job explaining how too do that.

I sure did. I didn't pay any attention, just stuck the fork in it and went to cutting. I'll have to pay more attention next time lol.
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