Meatzapalooza Chili, Dino Eggs, Japs and Ribs Q-View

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    04/23/2011 Ribs, Meatzapalooza Chili, Dino Eggs and Japs

    Updated February 12th, 2013 (fixed photo links on chili)

    Updated February 27th, 2013 (fixed photo links on Dino Eggs)

    The family was wanting some ribs, so I threw some spares on "Frank" with some Chili, Japs and Dino eggs.
    For this smoke I used Kingsford Original Charcoal as a main fuel source, this was actually a test run using charcoal on "Frank".

    Since the majority of the Family likes fall off the bone ribs, (I prefer a bit of tug), these were cooked the standard  3 - 2 - 1 method at about 225° - 250° for a good 6 hours, I prepped and rubbed the Ribs just prior to placing them in the smoker.

    After I got the charcoal going, added a split  of cherry, left the firebox door open until the split settled down a bit and threw the ribs in the smoker on a rib rack, setup the Maverick ET732 and went upstairs for a little break before starting my Meatsapalooza Chili.

    The photos above show my method for rubbing the ribs,(ribs are trimmed St. Louis style).
    I have found this to work best for me, many will use mustard because of the instant sticking power of the mustard base,

    however I see no need for it, (but use it if it makes you happy), the ribs will sweat from the rub and stick just fine within an hour.
    • -3- Smoking at 225° - 250° for a maximum of 3 hours uncovered in a rib rack.
    • -2- Place in a steamer pan, bone side down and foil, smoke for 2 hours.
    • -1- Then remove foil and smoke another hour.
    A steamer pan was placed on the reverse flow plate just below the ribs to catch any drippings, believe it or not you really wont catch much the first 3 hours, you will get most of your juice from the foiling.

    Ribs were spritzed several times after the first hour.

    After the first 3 hours the ribs were placed bone side down in the steamer pan then foiled, you do not need to add any liquid but many will still add some to the foiled ribs.

    Two hours later the foil was removed and the ribs were cooked another hour in the pan with no foil, you can rotate the ribs after a half hour (moving the bottom ribs to the top that are covered by the top ribs)

    One hour later the ribs are removed and allowed to rest up to a half an hour before slicing.The ribs were cut down, brushed thoroughly with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce and the juices in the pan.


    The ribs were good, the family loved them I was just about to run a rack over to my neighbor when Sam, my younger daughter came in with a bunch of friends... so looks like my neighbors out of luck, they loved the ribs and the Meatsapalooza chili.
    I don't think these kids ever had ribs or chili before.
    I was a little surprised on the smoke ring since I primarily used charcoal, I would have imagined lesser of a ring.

    My notes on this cook
    I would not cook them this way for a party where they would sit in a steamer pan for any lengt6h of time, I would use the modified 3 - 2 - 1 illustrated in the beginning of this page, they were good for dinner but as far as left overs go, they dry out pretty quick, about 2 - 3 days and they're tough, still tasty but tough.
    I don't care for such a huge pull back either but then again these ribs were to satisfy my family and not me, I am the black sheep.

    Meatsapalooza Chili


    Got the hankering for some chili

    Used my Lodge Cast Iron Dutch oven and Cast Iron skillet.
    • Oiled the Dutch Oven placed the DO on a burner Sauteed one large onion in some Olive oil on the skillet, slightly salted (sea salt) and cracked some fresh pepper, dumped them in the DO then started on the meats.
    • Started with some basic stewing meat browned, salt and pepper... into the DO
    • One Lb. Jimmy Dean hot sausage browned, drained and spiced with my pig rub... into the DO
    • Browned 80/20 ground meat salt and pepper... into the DO.
    • Crisped up a 1/2 lb bacon drained and ...into the DO
    • Had some rib bits simmering in hot water got about a half a pound of rib meat... into the DO
    • Two cans of Diced tomatoes... into the DO
    • Three chipotles chopped... into the DO
    • One Large Green pepper chopped... into the DO
    Then the spices were added
    • Cumin
    • Coriander
    • Taco Seasoning
    • Chili Powder
    • crushed Garlic
    • Basil
    • Oregano
    • Sea Salt
    • Cracked Pepper
    Then into the smoker for 6 hours or so @ 225°






    I ladled off the grease during the smoke.

    Chili is always a fun recipe and a good way to recycle some scraps and leftovers, I love making Gumbo, Chili, Soup and Stew on the smoker, gives me something to snack on throughout the smoke and the longer its in the smoker, the better!


    Dino Eggs
    My little Sister has Easter dinner every year and I wanted to do something a little different.

    Bacon can even make Easter a little better.

    If you like Sausage McMuffin with Egg, you will definitely like these

    You get 3 for 1 with this recipe

    These do not freeze well, they get a weird spongy texture, so dont freeze them.

    Deviled Dino Eggs

    Take some Dino Eggs and slice in half remove the
     yolk and mix up your favorite deviled egg recipe
     or you can pipe on a cheese spread or use that cheese in a can.



    Deviled Dino Egg Sandwich

    Lettuce, Tomato, Cheddar and Monterrey Jack Cheese with Mayo.

    My favorite of the three.

    • 16 Small eggs hard boiled
    • 1 Package JD Hot
    • 1 Package JD Italian
    • 16 slices thick cut bacon.

    My lovely assistant was so kind as to make these up and let me take the pictures.
    We found it easier to completely remove the chubb of sausage from its package and cut into 8 equal parts




    These were placed on the smoker and ready in under 2 hours, very tasty and very filling. These make great Deviled eggs and a pretty cool presentation as well.

    Below are a few pics from Easter.

    The general consensus on these were two thumbs up, even for the folks not too keen on sausage, I am gonna try a batch with ground beef in place of the pork sausage and another batch with no ground meat just a wrap of bacon.
    I really Enjoyed the sandwich more than anything.
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    AWESOME Sqwib!!!

    I have bookmarked this for the dino egss.

    I just put some spares on too.

  3. Question on the dino egg, do you smoke them as prepared (sausage and bacon) then cut them in half, take out the yolk and make them deviled egg style or just cut and eat?

    Either way they look awesome! Nice work
  4. sqwib

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    Yes, Make the Dino eggs and slice in half later remove the yolk and mix up your favorite devilled egg recipe. you can also pipe on a cheese spread as well.
  5. never heard of a dino egg, let alone a deviled dino egg but those looks delicious! Everything turned out great. I might have to try making some of those this weekend that sand which sounds great too. Nice job!
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    Great pics and post.

    The ribs look nailed, and WOW @ the Dino Eggs
  7. You gotta be kidding me! What a great post. Everything looks awesome. I can't stop looking at that chili mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
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    Awesome dude!
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    Very Cool! Very creative with the dino eggs, gonna have to try that sometime. Great job and the chili looks delicious.
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      thats some good looking stuff there i bet that was a hit at the easter party!!!
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    Now that is right up my alley. I am definately a meat guy. Skip the salad and desert and bring me more meat.
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    Sqwib, as always your postings are amazing....really, really like the dino egg idea....I'm gonna havta do some of these soon...great post, thanks for the idea
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    Thats some feast!!!! Nice job!!!
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    omg....I am printing this up and putting it some place safe....most definately on my to make list......nice!
  15. Nothing short of brilliant!

    The idea of smoking anything wraped in bacon is awesome.

    Thanks for the incredible documentation :)

    Dave in Ottawa
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    WOW now that is what I call a GREAT Q-View
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    The Dino egg look great i will put it in my recipe book thanks .

    it looks yummmme

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    Thanks all for the kind words,My wife calls the Dino eggs the "perfect breakfast" served with a side of toast.I'm gonna do another batch for an upcoming event and make some deviled and some with the cheese in a can, I know some folks may cringe at the canned Cheese stuff, but it is really good.I will keep you all posted.
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    awesome post!
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    TAG!!!  I am definitely gonna make some Dino eggs

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