Maveric ET84

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Jun 26, 2007
Central Ohio

Got this last week and really like it. It has preset temps for different meats or you can set your own temp. Has voice or beep alarm that tells you when its getting close to down and a count down timer that tells how long till your meat is done. I used it on a fatty and a boston butt and really like it. It was $24.99 at some kitchen gadget store that I cant think of the name right now. Anyway I think it was a pretty good deal and has a few more features than a basic one.
Update on the thermo.
Was smoking yesterday and a big storm came though and it poured for about 15 minutes. Thermo got totally soaked but kept right on working and is still working today. I dried it off after the rain and it seemed fine the rest of the day.
Is it a male voice or female voice? (If it's a female voice then I won't get one. One female voice giving me more information than I need at a time is enough) LOL!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


You can switch between voice or beep, I'm not really sure what the voice is cause I have only used the beep. I agree with ya though, one female voice is enough.
maybe its a text to speech voice, that way it sounds like stephen hawking is telling you how your meat is doing.
I'm positive it would have to be a female voice, if it was male, the temps would be all wrong and it would alarm you way too late.
they should make 1 where you can program the voice. like hal 9000(from 2001 a spaceoddesey)"hello ...your meat is done",, or maybe spicole(fast times) "yo dude.. yer fire's like getting mondo outta control",,or dirty harry..."well do ya feel lucky...thenpull yer meat". is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.