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I have my grill grates in the mail. I should have them tomorrow I think. lookin to do some more pork ribs next week I think.

Did you end up getting a set from Joe? I priced them and while they look good, I think for my 1050 I'm gonna make a set myself and save some money. I'm not balking at his price, because he's providing a good looking product, but at his price I could have some plasma cut grates done locally. Or save some and do some up expanded metal grates myself.
I have a 20" CI grill that I am going to play with on my 560.
See what temps do with that in the mix.

I know it will work better on the peanuts.
I was under the impression that Grill Grates helped low temp, 500°F max, pellet grills Sear better. Why would you use them on these Masterbuilt Flame Throwers?...JJ

I'm not entirely sure they mean the Grill Grates brand, and not just some custom grates that a guy on one of the 560 FB groups is custom making an selling.

That said, you do raise an interesting question. But the grill grates brand do offer grates for gas and various charcoal grills as well as the poopers. I planned on getting a set for my weber gasser this summer, but seeing as I'm likely going to end up with the 1050, I'll likely end up selling the gasser along with my 18 wsm, PBC, and 22 weber kettle. This will open up space on my small front porch and leave me with the 22 WSM, 26 weber kettle and 1050. Depending on how the 1050 performs the 26 and wsm might end up going away as well.
This thing looks great. I saw it at my local Sams Club. I was torn between this and a Weber Performer Deluxe. I almost pulled the trigger but ended up with the Performer. I am Looking forward to hearing folk's thoughts once they fire it up, it sure is impressive to see.
This thing looks great. I saw it at my local Sams Club. I was torn between this and a Weber Performer Deluxe. I almost pulled the trigger but ended up with the Performer. I am Looking forward to hearing folk's thoughts once they fire it up, it sure is impressive to see.

let us know how u like the performer and what new recipes ur using
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Welp, I was late on seasoning, but got it done today. A couple of questions that I can't find in this thread:
1. How darn long does this thing take to shut down so you can cover it? I slathered grates and box with oil and ran it for 400* for 30 min. and then again (after cool down as directed in manual) for 350* but increased the time to 1 hr., just because. I went to Mass and looked inside and thought I should burn off excess oil since I probably over-applied, and began to start the coals again, but as soon as I opened some doors, it started smoking again before I went to re-light.

Since I'm in the choir and practice before Mass, I was gone over 3 1/2 hours, but there were still coals hot enough to start cooking even without re-lighting.
2. (Rhetorical question here) Since apparently I'm slow (short bus slow), how many times does it take until I learn to remove both baffles, or whatever they are called, so this thing can properly get hit to the cooking area?

Tolerance for my ineptitude will be greatly appreciated in answers for the last question.

MBGF season.jpg
It does take awhile to cool down. Make sure you put the slides in right way after powering off. Also, empty the ash bucket as it holds residual heat.
It will take you 4-5 times to remember to pull the slides.

I usually cover mine before bed after shutting it down around 6pm. So I’d estimate 5 hours just to be safe.
Rhetorical answer... as long as it takes.

I was doing a Dry ( extended time @ low temp - 160') one night and shutting it down. I forgot to put in the slides but had it turned off. When I came out in the morning there were still coals and the stack had only gone down about 2". The coals were kept alive with only the draft through the 3" ports on the Fire Zone !
The 560 will shut down immediately when you turn it off and put in the slides.
The whole unit might need some time to cool off before you put the cover on, though.

...hope that helps...
I haven't had any trouble with the controller.

When I first got my 560 I had to contact Masterbuilt to get a gasket that was missing from the box. The Company Rep was great and sent it out that day. While I had him on the phone I asked about replacement cost for the fan and controller as they are about the only things you would need to replace. He said that the units are under warranty for a year so they really hadn't set up a replacement program for them.

I am familiar with controllers as we make fused glass and have a glass kiln with a computer controller. Same concept.
Want to buy one of these but my masterbuilt electric has given me problems with the computers. Anyone have any issues with this unit? I wonder what a replacement computer would cost if this one screws up.

I have 3 MES units that I use strictly for cold smoking with the AMAZEN tubes. One of them did fritz out on me several months ago, but it's over 5 years old. The PID in the 560 is pretty solid. Only problem with the electronics is that it's squirrely with connecting with wi-fi if you're using an Android device. It pairs with bluetooth easily enough, but wi-fi is real spotty. Don't know what a replacement controller costs, I just bypassed it with a Fireboard controller and couldn't be happier. Rock solid wi-fi, complete control over the 560's fan with two more probe ports than the 560 controller.
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Grill grates conduct heat , it also blocks it so when you throw food on there the fins are hotter than the heat coming up the sides. as we all know aluminum conducts heat very well and think they were offered for regular charcoal and gas grills first, unless your pellet grill has a open grate to the flames they wont work as well as cast iron that has more mass . also if you want great grill marks never flip your meat back to the same spot you just took the meat off of, you have already used the stored heat and it will take a few minutes to recoup it.
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