Mastebuilt PID smoker shuts off

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Dec 13, 2021
I attempted to search. If their is another thread on this please direct me.

Model 20072415. Has worked well for years. Starting last week it shuts off randomly. Sometimes within 5 minutes sometimes after 30. Numbers on the digital display sort of blink when plugged in (don't shut completely off, just waiver). I opened the back and didn't see anything to be concerned about. I then took apart the control panel to look at the connectors. They have a little corrosion on the pins but nothing to explain the random shutoff. How do I troubleshoot?

Thanks in advance
Turns out their are two more panels I somehow missed. I opened them up and they dripped water. Also have a bunch of rust. One of these connections could be shorting.


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Found a severed wire. The black wire isn't connected.


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Do you keep the smoker covered when not in use? If not, this might be why you are having electrical issues.
Unfortunately the cover doesn't always get used. I'm going to dry it out and redo the wire connections. I'm optimistic that will get it done.
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I should have taken pictures. Cut the harness off, twisted the pairs, covered with wire nuts. Problem is fixed. Now I have to sort out a new water pan. Old one rusted through. I'm thinking an aluminum loaf pan ........
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So, what's controlling the element? Not sure what you mean by cutting the harness off.
It come stock with wire harnesses to connect the variousparts together. In my picture posted above there is a black wire harness with a wire that broke off. I cut the harness off and spliced the wires using wing nuts.
I had both same issues as above. The element had an internal short and would trip the breaker every once in a while, and eventually got worse and stopped working. New element and good as new.

As far as the water pan, THIS ONE is the only thing I found as the part is now discontinued with Masterbuilt. It's stainless and way better than the original, and the size is perfect 6 1/2" x 7". What you are looking for is a 1/4 steam pan with correct dimensions. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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