Made Some Willies Texas Style Hot Links

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Feb 6, 2013
Andover Minnesota
Wrote that recipe down awhile back and sure enough a friend wanted some hot sausage.  Brought over 5 pounds of pork butt for me to use and he wanted it lightly smoked.  I told him, "What do you think this is a drive up window like McDonalds"? LOL  Oh, well, I had another recipe with jalapenos but  I think Willie's looked hotter and it was.  He was happy with it anyway and that's what it's all about. I thought the links had some heat but also flavor.  For those who do not like much heat, this is not for you.  Here is the recipe again and what I did and a few pics.  Reinhard

5 pounds pork butt

12 oz of good beer

2 T black pepper

2 T crushed red pepper

2 T cayenne

2 T papricka

3 T kosher salt

2 T mustard seeds

1/4 cup diced garlic

1 tsp cure #1

1 cup dry'd powdered milk [I added this to retain moisture]

I ground the pork once with a medium plate.  Spread the powdered milk and mustard seeds over the meat.  Put the rest of the ingredients and cure in the beer and mixed it up and poured it over the meat and mixed it all up good.  Put the sausage mix in the fridge overnight for the spices and cure to meld.  Next day I stuffed it all into hog casings.  Let the casings air dry for a spell and then put them in the smoker with a temp at 130 deg for awhile.  Then I put the temp up to 190 deg with only one load of oak/maple mix for smoke since he only wanted a light smoke.  When the internal was at 155 or so I pulled them out and put them in cold water.  Then took them out when they cooled and let them dry on the counter until they cooled further.  In they went in the fridge again overnight and the next day I vac sealed them.

Pork ground once.

Everything is in the mix and all mixed up.  Even looks spicy.

Didn't take long to link up 5 pounds of these fire sticks.

That's what a light smoke looks like I guess.

And the money shot!!!
I will take the same with heavy smoke and a beer please, 

Great looking snausage there - 

Thanks everyone.  This recipe came from this forum.  The only thing I changed was adding the powdered milk.  If you like it hot then this is it.  Reinhard.
Very nice job, I've made them before & they are awesome ! Yours look really good ! Thumbs Up
Thanks again everyone!!! Driedstick, I think they would be great as sticks.  I would like to try it with 80/20 ground beef with sticks.  Reinhard.
Nice looking sausage, but I would expect that. So 5 pounds of meat with 2T of flake and another 2T of cayenne?

The powdered milk and the beer is to start putting out the fire before you eat it?  I know, I know....LOL

I can't wait for some cooler weather, I can make sausage and hang 'em from the patio awning and cook 'em right now.

<copies the recipe in case of nuclear holocaust>

Nicely done.
Thanks Foam, and yes those measurements are correct.  When I first saw them I thought it was a typo but that recipe hasn't changed and that's how I made it.  It had more heat on my taste test pattie, but that's without it being smoked.  Smoking does temper it a bit but there is heat but it has flavor.  Didn't mind it a bit. Reinhard
Reinhard They do look tempting,I would have to cut back on some of the heat.

I think I may try this recipe this weekend also, but in a snack stick form, 

You said 12oz of good beer?? is there any bad beer?? 

What flavor beer did you use? 


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